Help Pick our NEXT Crochet-Along Project!

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Help Pick our NEXT Crochet-Along Project!

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UPDATE JUNE 18, 2015: Let’s crochet a Sabrina Tunic … announcing your 2015 Summer Crochet-Along with host Elena Ramshaw Hunt!


It’s that time of year again! Crochet-along with us as we make one of the following garments: The Sparkle Slipon, The Driftwood Pullover, The Sabrina Tunic or The Filet Mesh TopVOTE BELOW!

A crochet-along is a virtual event, where all the participants make the same project together. Follow along with crochet-along host Elena Hunt of Beatrice Ryan Designs here on the blog and share your comments and photos. There’s no need to sign up, and it’s free to join! (New to crochet-alongs? Check out our guide here.)

Votes must be cast by 12:00 midnight EST Sunday, June 14th, 2015. You must click on the photo you like to cast your vote; comments here on the blog do NOT count as votes. The winning pattern will be announced here on the blog on Wednesday, June 17th — we’ll also give you details on picking up your supplies and getting started on the project!

Vote for your favorite pattern now by clicking on one of the photos below and following the steps to submit your vote:

On a mobile device and can’t see all four choices below? Click here.

Knitters, look out for a knit-along later this year, here on the Lion Brand Notebook.

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  • is there a 5th choice?

  • Did you pick the most unflattering choices you could find? Sorry, I’m sure it’s hard to pick something everyone will like but I can’t imagine wearing any of these. Maybe you could add a fifth choice -something other than a pullover sweater. The yarn for the driftwood is discontinued so?? I will watch to see what people pick. Maybe I will join next time. I am loving the sweater I am still knitting from the knit along.

  • I agree, I choose none of the above…

  • I wish there had been a choice for “None of the Above”.

  • Not a big fan of any of these either. The knit glamour jacket (knit along) was so cute! I’ve seen better crochet patterns on Lion Brand patterns.

  • I love your shawl idea!

  • Crocheter said always get the dregs, sad to say, as far as patterns go here. Knitters get the most beautiful patterns developed for them by Lion Brand, while crocheters get these outdated ‘Bones’ tossed their way. It makes me so sad. It doesn’t have to be so classist.

  • Would like to know when you are going to reveal what pattern has been chosen. The blog says it will be revealed today, 6-17-2015. It’s now past 6:00pm on the East Coast. So when are you going to tell us?

    • Let’s crochet a Sabrina Tunic … announcing your 2015 Summer Crochet-Along with host Elena Ramshaw Hunt!

      • Thank you. The Sabrina tunic is the one I voted for. I really like it but I think I well make it in more uplifting colors. Just have to decide on what color combination I want.
        I’m still working on the upper back of the Glamour Jacket KAL. I need to knit faster and get it finished.

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