How Much Yarn? A Quick Guide To Yardage Requirements!

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How Much Yarn? A Quick Guide To Yardage Requirements!

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We’ve all been there… Walking down the yarn aisle and eyeing up everything we would love to have. We reach for a pretty yarn and then suddenly realize… we don’t know how much we need! Those moments can be stressful. Not any more!

We’re Here To Help!

The Lion Brand Design team has put together a handy reference sheet you can PIN or print out to save yourself yarn shopping stress.

The sheet features old and new favorite Lion Brand yarns on the left side followed by the weight of that yarn. Next you will see columns for the type of project you might be making. Follow the column down to see how many skeins you would need to make that project in each yarn.

Download It!

Use the download button below to get the PDF file. Keep a copy in your purse and knitting bag for emergencies!

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  • It would be more useful if there were some measurements to define “average size”. What is the chest measurement of an average sized adult sweater? What is the area of an “average sized” afghan?

    If you are used to thinking of sizes as small, medium, and large you would probably assume medium is the average, but if you think of the average size of an adult in the US the average size is probably large or x-large, and even that will differ if you are thinking of a man or a woman. Measurements are important, even in generalities like this sheet, so we have some idea of just how much we will have to adjust. If the average sweater here has a chest measurement of 34″ I will have to adjust a lot more for a 48″ sweater than if the measurement is 40″.

    On an unrelated topic, grey text on white is not very accessible, and the text is also tiny. This comment form is definitely someone’s nightmare.

    • Thank you for you comments! They have been passed along to the appropriate department.

  • Thank you so much for this .

  • Would, by chance, there be a crochet version?

  • This chart is good for those that just use Lion Brand. But not so hot for other brands of yarn
    Having the sizes of the balls in ounces would help. Will make it much more universal.

  • You forgot the Shawl in a Cake. still looking for a pattern for it.

  • Even needle and crochet hook sizes would be a help as it is confusing for us here in Australia as a lot of our patterns use 8ply (4mm needles)

  • Thank you. This will be very helpful.

  • Great Idea

  • You forgot socks and sock yarn. Also how about mm instead of just inch .

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