How to Read a Yarn Label (2012)

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How to Read a Yarn Label (2012)

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Just like the tags on your clothing, yarn labels contain value information. From fiber content to laundering information, the label includes so many details to consider. There’s a wealth of content on each tiny label, so here’s a little cheat sheet for how to read the label. Keep in mind that not all yarn labels will look the same, so this information won’t necessarily be in the same place or even on every label.

How to Read a Yarn Label
1. Yarn name and fiber content. This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s important to note the fiber content so that you can select your favorite fibers (or avoid ones to which you are sensitive).
2. How much yarn. This includes length and weight in both US and metric measurements.
3. Gauge information. This shows the average suggested hook and needles size, as well as about how many stitches are in a 4×4″ swatch.
4. Yarn weight category. The number given here is on a scale of 0 (thinnest) to 6 (thickest) according to the Craft Yarn Council yarn standards. This gives you a rough idea of the yarn’s thickness; for more detailed information, see the gauge information (box 3).
5. Country of origin.
6. Care information. This section details washing, drying, ironing, and drycleaning directions. For more details on what each symbol means, click here to view our yarn care page.
7. Yarn color and dye lot. Not only does this area include the yarn color’s name and number, but it also includes the dye lot. If you’re buying more than one skein of the same yarn, make sure that your dye lot numbers all match. Sometimes the same yarn color will vary slightly between dye lots, so you should always check this number.
8. Company information.

Now that you know all of the information on the label, remember to save it with any of your leftover yarn. You may even want to give a copy of it with any handmade gifts so that the recipient knows how to care for his or her present!

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