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Introducing You To Silk City Fibers

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We are excited to introduce you to Silk City Fibers! A household name yarn brand, that’s not just for weavers and machine knitters anymore. Silk City Fibers produces beautiful wholesale yarns on cones for knitters, crocheters, weavers, and re-sellers all around the world. They have a wide range of colors and fibers for you to choose from including cotton, viscose, wool, and cashmere.

Why A Cone?

Silk City Fibers

The use of yarns on the cone is not a new thing. Machine knitters and weavers have worked from cones for many years. But recently many hand knitters and crochet designers have also found the benefits of working from a cone. One of the big benefits being the low number of ends and joins in a project! Designers who are looking to put together an entire collection of handmade knits or weavers who are looking to warp an entire loom should look into Silk City Fibers as a way to streamline their large scale fiber projects. 

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Silk City Fibers is a wholesale fiber company. Which means that if you are thinking of ordering from them there are a few things they will need from you first:

*Tax ID number

*Your company name


*Plus your business type (i.e. reseller, weaver, knitter, etc)

*Telephone number

Fiber Pattern Sample

If you are looking to view Silk City Fiber’s yarns in person and you’re going to be in the Philadelphia area there’s currently a pop-up shop running at Weaver House Co. At this unique pop-up experience, running November/December 2019, one of the skilled weavers at Weaver House Co. can assist you with project planning and custom orders.

Silk City Fibers can do Custom dyeing with minimum dye lot requirements in most all stocked yarns. One of the best things for smaller designers, is there are no minimum requirements for any yarns/ colors they stock. You can even order as little as one cone of yarn. Visit their website at  for order placement and terms.

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  • Question: Can this be ordered through you or how do you order it if you are not a designer (just someone who loves to knit?)

  • Why would you post this on FB? We’re not business owners. We thought we would be getting a great deal only to fine out, after reading, that it’s not intended for everyday people. Have you read any of the comment on your FB post. People are really disappointed. Most of us do NOT have a tax id#. Very deceptive post just to get clicks. SMDH!

  • Sil City Fibers supplies almost every yarn I have used for my business for years. The best !!!!

    I just need a few cones of black “Rail” Does anyone have any ???? Any amount will be fantastic.

    Thanks to all and Happy New year

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