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Join Us for Our Special Guest Crochet-Along!

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Several times a year, here on the Lion Brand Notebook, we like to host a knit- or crochet-along. The idea is that it’s a virtual event that brings yarncrafters together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together.

There’s no need to sign up: simply follow along with the blog posts, work on your projects at your own pace, and comment when you feel like it!

A special fall project from Crochet So Fine

Pearl's Cardigan Crochet Crochet So Fine Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns

Kristin OmdahlFor our fall crochet-along (CAL for short), we’ll be making the stunning Pearl’s Cardigan, a pattern from the book Crochet So Fine by Kristin Omdahl…and as a special bonus, Kristin herself will be hosting the CAL! We are thrilled to have her helping us through this pattern — Kristin will be blogging every Wednesday starting next week for the CAL, answering your question and sharing insights into this beautiful crochet cardigan.

Connect with us! Not only are we working on the CAL here, but you can also find us on Ravelry in our CAL group and on Flickr. Share your pictures, ask questions, and comment on those websites, in addition to here at

Ready to get started? Click here to download the pattern at!

Pick out your yarn! For this CAL, Kristin will be making her cardigan in the recommended Microspun, a silky-soft micro-fiber that comes in a ton of bright and muted colors, but for those of you who are looking for other DK-weight options, you may want to consider options from our LB Collection of luxury fibers at affordable priced including: Baby Alpaca, Cotton Bamboo, Superwash Merino, and our brand new Angora Merino.

Have a blog or website? Add this badge to show that you’re participating! Right click or Ctrl+click on Macs to save the image to your computer; then upload it to your blog.

Pearl's Cardigan Crochet Along

Finally, we want YOU to leave a comment and introduce yourself! Tell us who you are, where you’re from, and who you’re making this sweater for! Welcome and thanks for joining us!

UPDATE: In response to your comments, Kristin says that she will talk about modifying the pattern (including larger sizes, sleeve length, body length, etc.) in week 4 of her blog posts, so please hang in there and your questions will be addressed at that time.

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  • ANGORA MERINO!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  • This sounds like fun! What a gorgeous cardi! Not sure what yarn I will chose yet, can’t wait to get started!

  • I’m in! Pretty Cardigan, can’t wait to get started.

  • I will make this for myself. I am unsure of the yarn yet, but looking and thinking hard for just the right colors.

  • Ooooooooooh. I love. It’s awesome to see cute patterns that use readily available yarn!

  • I’m in! I can’t wait to start. I will be making this for myself. Not sure what color I will use, but when doing something new I like to use the suggested yarn.

  • This will be for me, but I don’t know what yarn yet or what color.

  • πŸ™ I would have loved to be able to participate in this CAL but I am a 3X. Lovely pattern. Sometime could you do a CAL that would include us amply sized ladies?

    Zontee says: Hi Robin, thanks for the suggestion; we’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our friend Margaret Hubert’s gorgeous book, Plus Size Crochet. It has some great cardigans in your size!

  • i would like to make this,but will not be able to ere my size is not available(50-52)…so i’ll not be joining this crochet-along πŸ™

    Zontee says: Hi Emilie, if you’re looking for a great project, consider checking out our friend Margaret Hubert’s gorgeous book, Plus Size Crochet.

  • Was so excited to see this sweater…but then I saw the sizing…I won’t be able to participate. Dang it!

  • This looks like a fun project! I am constantly crocheting, but mostly baby afghans, and I am looking at this project for a little change of pace. I will probably use the suggested yarn, although I am not sure yet which color.

  • This is so cute. I can’t wait to get started. am going to use the recommended yarn but in red. Just placed my order and can’t wait for it to arrive!

  • Can this pattern be adjusted for plus sizes? I’m concerned that the cardigan in the photo is a size L.
    It’s beautiful, and I’d like to make one – just want to be sure that it would fit!

    Zontee says: Hi Kristi, garments in photos are often larger than they appear (they may be styled to look like they fit, but unfortunately, it’s hard to find models that are the exact size of the whole variety of garments that are made for a book), so the best thing is to take your measurements and compare them against the measurements (bust and length) given in the pattern. If you need help with measuring yourself, see this blog post. Hope that helps!

  • Microspun! But haven’t picked a color yet. I’m thinking Mocha! This is beautiful. I’ve been wanting to learn more about “construction”. Perhaps this will help. I’ve not been too happy with my own results trying to just figure out how to put these things together. Looking forward to figuring out more about it.

    Enjoy everyone! See ya on the boards!

  • I just bought Crochet So Fine . . . and here’s my excuse to make something from the book (and, coincidentally, buy more yarn)! Hooray! Count me in!

  • Awesome! Count me in, it’s beautiful! I’m so glad the author is participating, maybe I can pick up some really good tips from her about her piece. I love it and can’t wait to get started!

  • I’ll be making this in a pretty green for my Mother-In-Law for Christmas. I think she’ll really like it.

  • This would look great in Vanna’s sparkly yarn. I think I’ll make it in Sapphire and wear with black pants and black camisole.

  • Looks like a fun project. I’ve been wanting to make a cardigan for myself. Not sure of the yarn yet.

  • I am ready to start another great project!!!

  • Is this pattern only for knitters I can see to fine the Crochet download. Please help new at this and would love to crochet a long. Thanks

    Zontee says: Hi Marilyn, sorry for any confusion. It’s a crochet pattern. Just click on the pattern link above–to access patterns on our site, you need a account if you don’t already have one.

  • Sounds like fun. I am from beautiful DownEast Maine, and cardigans are must!!! Not sure yet what color I will make.

  • Thanks for leaving us big girls out! Maybe try a CAL that all of us can enjoy. BOO!

  • I’ll be making one for myself & one for my sister for Christmas. Can’t wait to get started over the weekend.

  • I never di anything like this before. should be fun. Yarn shopping tomorrow, yipee!!!!!

  • I will try and get it done for the Australian spring. I am new to crochet and have been busy making many hats, motifs, flowers and bags. I have been looking for a pattern like this to make for myself, and this is so very beautiful. I have previously bought some dark grey wool, that I hope is similar to your merino alternative. Thank you so much for listing the alternatives, I love to work with natural fibres and have started spinning too. Thank you for listing this pattern I look forward to following the blog. πŸ˜€

  • Looking forward to crocheting together. I’ll make the sweater for my best friend in microspun “Leaf” — light sage green. Hope to get started next week.

  • Love this cardigan! I’ve never done a CAL before, so I’ll give it a try. I live in Melbourne, Australia and spring is on it’s way, so this will be perfect! Will shop for the yarn tommorrow!

  • I love the lacy look! I’m finally going to make something for myself! I’m always making things for others, now it’s time for me. Since I live in Florida, I think Microspun or Cotton Bamboo yarn would be nice. I haven’t decided on the color yet…sort of leaning toward my favorite color, purple. Thanks for giving us such a lovely pattern.

    P.S. Hey Justin–so there really are men that crochet and knit? Would love to chat…fb?

  • I picked up some yarn last night and I’m going to see if I can do the stitches – I’ve only be doing crochet for about a year so I’m not sure (I’ve been doing tatting for a few years so I have some experience). I’m afraid this will be too much for me!

  • I picked up some yarn that will be perfect and started this last night. I love the results and can’t wait to see the finished product.

    Thanks for offering this to us.

  • I also think this would be great in Vanna’s Glamour as a holiday sweater. I look forward to finding yarn this weekend!

  • This is one I would love to join in. I’m not sure what yarn I’ll use from my stash. I guess I’ll just be swatching this weekend.

  • I will be making this for myself. First time making something like this – if it turns out well, I will make another for my daughter-in-law. Not sure what color yet, but very excited to start it!

  • This will be my first CAL & I am very excited!Can’t wait to get started.

  • I have just started crocheting, just hope the microspun turquoise gets to me in time πŸ™‚ (I’m from Johannesburg, South Africa)

  • I,m looking forward to my first experience with a crochet-a-long. I will probably make this for my daughter who loves red, maybe a sparkly yarn for the holidays. Can’t wait to start.

  • I love it! Thank you very much for this virtual-crochet-along project! I’ve been crocheting since I was 9 years old and now I do it from time to time. As for the yarn, maybe cotton bamboo. Scandinavia is now too cold for it but can this lacy beauty even if made in angora or wool keep me warm???

  • This will be my first CAL! I’m so looking forward to it. Not sure what yarn I’ll use yet,but knowing that the pattern one of Kristin’s ,I’m sure whatever yarn is used, it’ll be great!

  • Because I’m 50-something, I’m a real ‘hottie’ so am happy to see a lighter weight cardigan with lots of open spaces. I have some micro-spun on hand so will use it and maybe break up some of the colors?

  • It’s a beautiful pattern, and I love Microspun (made the Leaf-patterned pullover), but I can’t use it, since I wear a 2X or 3X for ease, and this only goes up to 1X, while the slender model is wearing a Large! Why did you leave larger plus-size customers out? We buy more yarn to cover more area, and this design would be flattering and perfectly appropriate to most figure types. Disappointment, sigh…

  • This is my first time with a crochet-along – looking forward to it. I’m going to get crazy and do it in the mango microspun! Are there any suggestions on how decide the size? I wear a 12-14 but I am petite (kinda short and plump):)). I am figuring that the medium will work well but could use some guidance.

  • Going to give this a try as a gift. Will be my first attempt at an article of clothing besides scarves!

  • I haven’t done a crochet-along before, but this pattern is adorable. I’m going to make it for my daughter, Sue, for Christmas. She loves retro and vintage and will look great in it. I think the blush color is perfect as it will go with many other colors.

  • I will try to join this CAL (my first). I’m planning on making this beautiful garment for my daughter (25) using the recommended yarn in medium purple for Christmas.

  • OMG!!! This is SOOOOO Retro-70’s!!! … I must have crocheted 4 or 5 dozen vests in virtually the same pattern when I was in college … Thanks for not making it in that tacky olive green that was so popular back then ;~D … I can’t wait to make this now … Thanks for the ‘flashback’ inspiration to pick up my hooks and start crocheting again.

  • Count me in! I’d love to try out this sweater. I think I’ll make one for myself, see how it turns out, then maybe make one for my daughter for Christmas! I’ll have to think about which yarn to use, but can’t wait to get started!

  • This will be my first CAL and I am so excited to join in the fun… okay so I thought that leaving a post would be harder than this enjoy everyone…:)

  • I’ve worked with the microspun yarn before to make a crocheted poncho. It was a very nice yarn to work with and drapes very nicely. Not sure if I will be making it at this time. I’m trying to finish up a few other projects!

  • I have never been involved in a CAL. I am going to try to particpate. i have not decided which yarn to use , but the color will probably be in a green or bergundy. i just started to crotchet again after a long illness from last year. So i may be a little slower than everbody else.

  • I would like to make this “almost vintage” CAL, together, but I a m french and my english is too bad to understand all explanations !! (is’nt it !?)
    I’ll look for your photos of results.
    Bon crochet !!
    Leelou, France, Alpes du Sud

  • Hi, I too am very sad that this pattern does not include plus sizes–the model in the photo does not seem like a large anyway. You mentioned an alternative sweater and…I’m sorry it is ugly and doesn’t even possess the styling and features of the one offered.

  • i too am a big girl and you know what? I am just going to alter as i go to get the fit i want. There are no rules for this folks, just be brave and jump in!!!

  • so, being new to a CAL, how does it all go? Do we work at the same pace? How do we contact each other?

    Zontee says: Hi Tricia, just work on the project at your own pace. Kristin will cover different parts of the project and techniques each week. You can leave a comment here on the Lion Brand Notebook blog posts, or chat on our Flickr and Ravelry boards, when you have progress to share or questions to ask.

  • This is my first time joining in, and I am excited! I went shopping tonight for yarn, but struck out. I will try again tomorrow, because I’d really like to find the microspun in purple, to make this cardi for myself.

  • Beautiful Cardi Going to pick out my yarn this weekend.

  • I am so in! I have been crocheting for six years now and have not kept something for myself yet. I end up just giving it to someone. I am not sure of the color, but a tan or brown has caught my eye.

  • I am a beginner, but will be shortly taking classes thru Community Activities center here in Mobile. I am going to try this, even tho Im new, but hopefully already have some idea how to as Ive watched Knit and Crochet Today forever, and always wanted to learn. Heres to learning! Im excited.Im off on Wednesdays, what time will it be??Tina Bryant

    Zontee says: Hi Tina, blog posts will be up Wednesday mornings, but it’s not an “event” that’s at a particular time. Simply read the blog posts at your leisure, follow along, and work on your cardigan at your own pace.

  • I’ve been looking for something to make for myself, how perfect! A bright color for the gray winter.

  • Why am I nervous?? haha! I’ve never joined a CAL and this will be my first real “garment” – I’m not including doll clothes. I’m not sure how a CAL works but I guess I’ll figure it out as we go. I’m gonna do this one for me and I’m going with the Microspun in Mocha! If I love it, I’ll do a second one in a bright color!

  • This is my first time for joining in. I have never tried crocheting a sweater, so I am looking forward to the opportunity to try this cardigan.

  • went looking for yarn today. couldn’t fine the microspun. I did find a bamboo bend in coral so that is what I’m going to use. I am going to make this for myself. I think the Xl might be a little small so i’m going to try using one hook larger then gauge. It shold be ok since it is a lacey pattern anyway. I’ll let you know.

  • OK ! I will go along, hoping you will inspire me to finish. I start meny things and finish them. just not in the same century, it seems.

  • This is beautiful! And it will be my first crochet-along! πŸ™‚

  • I am in. Every Wednesday starting on the 22nd right? I hope to use a delicious maroon. My name is Adriana and I am in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

  • Oh I forgot to write that I am making this for myself and have been crocheting for 28 years and will be tweaking this pattern to fit my larger circumerence up top.

  • I’m a large lady, my bust is 52″, please help, I love sweaters and I love to crochet. Adrianna you are making yours bigger too, could you help me & is this feasible, even in 90 degree weather the class rooms are sometimes quite chilly (I sub). Also does anyone have the pattern for the sweater that Cat wears in the movie Casper, I just love that sweater. So excited y’all; this is gonna be fun!!!

  • Could I make this with short sleeves and shorter. I have been looking for a pattern to wear over a little black dress?

    Zontee says: Hi Veronica, yes, you should be able to modify the pattern to work for your needs. Simply stop working the length of the piece when you get to the sleeve and body lengths you desire.

  • Hi Ya’ll,
    This will be my first CAL and my first adult sized garment. I’m making the cardigan for myself in the shown yarn color. This will be a great sweater for the usually mild weather we have in Myrtle Beach,SC.

  • My first CAL… favorite crochet teacher has moved and am looking forward to working with everyone on this cardi together….just like a class! Not sure of what yarn yet, looking for just the right color.

  • This will be my first CAL as well.

    Been looking for my next project having made some hats and scarves lately and a cardigan from the happy hooker book in cream. I’d like to make this in a cotton yarn but not too sure and need a neutral colour to thread all my gorgeous scarves through.
    Will be getting local yarn here in the UK.

  • I’m glad I checked my mail before heading out today!! I’m going to ‘Fiber In The Park’ near Earlville, IL (probably be raining, too). They will have local, No. IL, hand-dyed Alpaca & Merino, as well as commercially labelled brands. I CAN’T WAIT!! I’ve never done a CAL for a wearable item before, so I hope I don’t ruin expensive yarn because of too much frogging.


  • Can something be done to make the text in the pattern darker and, possibly, larger? I printed it on two different printers and it is difficult to read and mark.

    Zontee says: Hi Sharon, unfortunately, the pattern is a PDF from Interweave and we’re not able to modify it. However, something that might help is to change your printer settings to print the pattern in “black and white” instead of “grayscale.”

  • Tina Bryant – I’m right there with you! I consider myself a beginner. I see that the pattern is intermediate but I think I can do it, especially since there will be help available. I will be making this for myself first. I am a size small. I am going to make it in the sterling color microspun. If it goes well, I may make one for my daughter-in-law for x-mas. Wish me luck!

  • I’m joining. I am not sure what yarn I will use. Something from my stash. The only thing that worries me is the fact that the model (thin little thing that she is) is wearing a large. It fits her well and she surely is not 38 inches around the bustline. What does anyone else think?

    Zontee says: Hi Joye, please see my response to comment #13.

  • I really like this cardigan and can’t wait to start. I will yarn shopping today! This is my first CAL and my first cardigan.

  • Glad to see that someone else will be trying to enlarge this pattern. I am also 52″ bust but I love the sweater. See you on the 22nd. I will be doing two crochet alongs this Fall. The other one is an afghan. I am making mine in Navy. Good luck to all.

  • My first anything-a-long! I’m going yarn shopping! It’s my first cardigan, too so wish me luck!

  • I’m in! I’m so busy right now, I hope I can keep up, but it will be nice to do something for me for a change! My first CAL.

  • I have been trying to get garments to work for a long time. Really sick of afghans and so are all my relatives…….So this will be fun and informative. My first CAL. I will be searching through my massive stash to try to use some of that before I buy anymore though. I really need to use some of it up.

  • What a beautiful cardi. This is my first time participating with CAL. Not an experienced crocheter but looking forword to learning. I’ love to surprise my Mom for Christmas! She has made me some absolutely gorgeous things!!

  • Looking forward to trying this! I’m thinking dark brown sounds pretty. Will cotton yarn work? This will only be my second attempt at clothing for an adult. If it’s easy enough, I’ll make it for a few Christmas gifts. I like the 3/4 sleeves.

  • Sooo pretty I too was concerned about the picture being a large, but liked the comments above that said to use the pattern measurements. I’ve never done a CAL so I’m excited to see if I can keep up! I’m going to do it in a red bamboo spun yarn that I have left over from a project I started but didn’t finish because my husband said I have too many red sweaters! But I don’t have any red cardigans! πŸ™‚
    I also like one crocheter’s suggestion about doing it in a sparkly yarn to wear with black pants and camisole. So maybe I’ll do two!

  • I echo Robin’s remark and request. Thanks for the suggestion we check out Margaret HubertÒ€ℒs gorgeous book, Plus Size Crochet. I look forward to a crochet-along for larger sizes.

  • My grandma taught me the basics of crochet when I was 11 years old. Now, over 35 years later, I started to expand my basic skills by going to the library and checking out books, magazines and DVD’s on crochet. The best help I noticed for me came from the ones that included diagrams such as this particular Lionbrand pattern does on page 4.
    It didn’t cost me a dime to check out the books, (so I can use my cash on yarn stash instead!!!) and now I can crochet just about anything!! I’m hoping to find some FANTASTIC yarn and try out this pattern. I am tall, so it is nice to just contine crocheting the areas where I need more length.
    Many people have inquired about a larger size pattern. I wonder if would be possible to take some measurements and figure out how many more stitches you need to do to get to your size.
    For example: The yoke has a 12 stitch difference for each size up, then the next row has a 3 stich difference for each size up, etc….you could go through the pattern and write down the stitch increases you would need (I don’t know if somebody has tried to do this but am very interested in finding out if this is at all do-able?)

  • Oh, so pretty. I want to start on this cardi. Not sure who I will make it for. My girls will fight over it. I really like the feel of the microspun. Just need to decide what color.

  • Beautiful cardigan! This is a nice change from making afghans. I am torn between too many colors though. But I’ll figure it out. Thanks for the lovely CAL.

  • Am very excited about this project. Had carpal tunnel surgery this last summer and am now ready to get back into crocheting. Since I have never done a project like this one, I will do this for me in a neutral color so it can be worn with any thing I’d like. And, like other posts, I will use the recommended yarn.

  • This is great! my friend and I were looking at garment patterns and i would love to make this for her! She does crochet so it will be a great gift from the heart πŸ™‚ so excited to start!!

  • Count me in on this CAL. I am excited to actualy try crochet on something other than a blanket. Been knitting for years but self-taught crochet 3 years ago because I just love the open work construction. You have to understand the needle arts in Florida to understand why this project is perfect for us. Still deciding on yarn and color but I like Jill’s idea of mocha. Going shopping!

  • Just saw this and am inspired by the design. Heading to the yarn store! Hope I can keep up with my first crochet-along!

  • I also am excited about the beautiful cardigan. Looking forward to making this for ME! I have given away everything else I have made. This will be my first cardigan.

  • I love cardi’s this one is so pretty, can’t wait to get started!

  • Checked my stash and found the perfect yarn for this beautiful cardigan so I started today. Can anyone tell me if this is an error in the pattern? For the yoke row 8 on the medium size, should this be 44 chain 5 spaces? The pattern says 42. For the other sizes the number of chain spaces is doubled 20/40, 25/50, 28/56 but the medium is 22/42. This makes the count possibly incorrect for the rows that follow. I’m stopping at row 10 until I can confirm if 44 chains is the correct count. Any help is appreciated. Eagerly awaiting.

  • My first CAL and looking forward to working with you all! Please let me know when to start–thanks!

  • I love this pattern for its soft feminine retro style. However, apparently I crochet extremely loosely as I can’t get the appropriate gauge using Microspun – a yarn that I love btw – not even via using a hook several sizes smaller. Finally struck the appropriate gauge using a #3 cotton thread. Will see how this turns out. Mine will be in Plum…. if this works, then I will attempt a holiday sweater using Vanna’s Glamour if I can get the gauge to work out.

    Will need to make some adjustments as I wear size 12-14 but am petite in height. For some strange reason apparently designers seem to think larger busted women are also always taller!!!

    For you plus size ladies… check your gauge… IF like myself you are getting fewer stitches to the inch…. your garment will turn out to be larger. For my swatches using microsun, 20 stitches was running 4.5 to 5 inches depending on hook used. That would have resulted in a plus size garment. In fact at 20 stitches to 5 inches the size large would fit a 50″ bust, rather than just a 40″. Length would need to be adjusted… but it appears adjusting length would be quite easy.

  • My first CAL also. When do we start?

    Zontee says: Hi Cecelia, as it says in the blog post, Kristin’s first blog post will be on Wednesday, the 22nd.

  • This looks like a cute pattern. Not sure what kind of yarn to use yet. Hopefully I will be able to stick with this project and finish it….I have many unfinished projects in my closet.

  • I am thinking of joining my first CAL! Love this pattern from this premiere designer.

    About how long do you estimate the CAL to last?

    Zontee says: Hi CarlaG, Kristin will be blogging for 6 weeks.

  • Count me in! I have been looking for a pattern to use some luscious yarn I bought for a tunisian crochet tunic — a cotton polyamide blend in DK — but after 9 inches its already really heavy! I think this open work pattern will be perfect for this yarn/tape, a gorgeous slate/lilac color — and I already own Crochet So Fine. Really looking forward to this first CAL and seeing every one’s results.

  • this is beautiful I will try to make it for my daughter, It might be too advanced for me though I just started crocheting again in the last year. My Mom taught me as a child and I just know the basics.

  • The sweater is really beautiful. I am anxioous to get started and make one for myself and two for friends for the holidays. I am oing to make mine in cream color and theirs in black. Thank you for the pattern and support. good luck everyone.

  • Cant get lion brand yarn in India HELP!!!!

    Zontee says: Hi Mayurakshi, we do in fact ship to India from Click here for info on international orders.

  • I’m in! Gotta order my yarn now!

  • Look forward to making this for myself

  • Hi,

    I am also still much of beginner. I decided to join the crochet along but I am going to use a fine #4 DK cotton (another brand, sorry) so I know I’ll have to make some adjustments. I didn’t want to invest too heavily in yarn, just in case I had real problems.

    I have never done a garment, only simple afghans and scarfs but hey, you gotta try sometime. I look forward to blogging my progress and occasionally asking my blogging friends for help.

  • I am also a BBW (big beautiful woman). i am going to make this as suggested on the blog wit one hook size larger, and then measure against a cardi in my closet to see if its good. I’m wondering, if we add stitches ie:if XL needs X stitches and L x-2 stitches would a 2X be x 4? would this work? IF the larger hook doesn’t work out that’s what I’ll try.

  • I’m definitely doing this! I’ve never made a garment before and so many of them look “marmish.” I think I may need to adapt the pattern to my short-waisted bod, but I’m ready for the challenge!

  • This is my first Cal and first crochet project. Hope I can do it. I just happen to have enough microspun yarn to complete this project. Hope it turns out as nice as the picture. I’ll need help from all you CAL gals.

  • This is my first CAL. I am making the cardi for my daughter. I have not made many garments but this is so pretty. This is also my first blog. Granny goes global! LOL

  • It’s my first CAL too! Can’t. Wait!! I chose Alpine Wool.

  • Alas… I am ALSO a more generous size than the 1X that this pattern gives. I would have loved to make this cardi since it looks like it would be comfortable without making me too warm.

    I looked at the ‘alternate’ plus size sweater… sorry, it just doesn’t cut it. It would be nice if designers didn’t view the plus-sized body as something “tacky” to be covered by something equally as “tacky”. We may be larger but we like stylish clothing too.

    I may try to increase the size of this sweater but, honestly, it just upsets me that there is a need to do that. I believe there are many more 2X sized women than there are XS sized.

    Perhaps those who are going to attempt to up-size this can compare notes along the way?

    Zontee says: Hi Edna, yes, in fact it looks like there are several people comparing notes on upsizing the pattern in the Ravelry group. Be sure to stop by and check it out for notes and support.

    In addition, Kristin will be addressing modifying the size of the garment in her week 4 blog post, so hang in there.

  • What a wonderful fall project. Can’t wait to get started. Just can’t decide what color I want.

  • I will be making this for my mother. hope she will enjoy. haven’t made anything like this in years maybe I can get back in the grove..It looks truely beautiful..

  • sounds like fun. count me in.

  • Started today after researching the stitches online…done through row 10!

  • Just saw the post, can’t wait to start. Going shopping today after work for yarn.

  • I would love to do this I have not done any adult sweaters but I would love to do this.

  • Yeah!! This will be my first crochet a long. I am going to make the cardigan for my sister and I think I will use the Baby Alpaca yarn, it is soooo soft!

  • This is my first crochet-along and my first garment. Looking forward to the challenge!

  • I really enjoyed the last CAL I did, the hexagons. I to am a larger person, and am just going up a yarn and hook size. Should work out just about right, based on my swatching. And if it doesnt fit right, well, I can give it to away. The joy is in the doing as well as the end.

  • I’m in. Always wanted to participate in a crochet along. Just got Kristen’s “Happy Hooker” book and love it. I’m not yet a 1X, but I plan on making one in that size as incentive. For those who want to participate and aren’t yet at the 1X size, you might want to make it as an incentive. If not, consider making a smaller one as a donation to Salvation Army or another agency for the holidays.

  • I am a recreational knit/crocheter and this will be the first clothing piece that I have ever made as well as my 1st CAL and blog!!! 21st century had arrived in Sullivan IN!! HA HA
    I saw this piece, how delicate and ultra-feminine it looks and I immediately thought of my 16 yr old daughter. Had to get the okay on the look and color, but fortunately she fell in love with this piece too!!
    Have decided to go with the yarn used by creator as I could not find anything comparable to the quality and feel of the micro spun. Ordered my yarn yesterday and can’t wait to get started.

  • Hiya,
    I’m in the UK and cannot get the microspun (or any Lion Brand wool without excessive postal charges, so I’m thinking of using either Mirage by King Cole (a lovely, soft DK yarn spun from 50% wool and 50% premium acrylic in a wide range of shaded, space-dyed colour combinations), or more prosaically Kool Kotton (a lovely, soft blend of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic in a DK weight).

    Slightly worried that the Kotton would be too bland, with too coarse a texture and remind me of “granny crochet”. But then the Mirage makes me worry that the colours won’t merge well in long crochet stitches……

    Arggh, well need to order the wool soon……. any suggestions welcome.

    I kind’ve wish the CAL was the Serene box pleat top as I have been drooling over that, but I am scared of committing to so many motifs!!!

    Good luck everyone!

    Zontee says: Hi Karen, don’t forget that you can purchase Lion Brand products in the UK through our distributor, Banyan Tree Yarns.

  • I’m so excited but scared at the same time. what if i can’t do it? it will be my first garment and i’ve only been crocheting for less than a year. i’ve don’t blankies and scarfs. I will go for it if all you lovely crocheters out there will give me pointers when in need. can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! = )

  • I am so exciting about this crochet along. I have the perfect yarn for it. πŸ™‚

  • I ma a recent converts from knitting to crochet and this will be my first CAL and first garment – just blabkets and scarves before. Looking forward to wool shopping – the cardigan will be perfect for the English Winter.

    As an english viewer it would help to have hook/needle sizes and yarn weights in UK as well as USA!

    Zontee says: Hi Kristin, for hook/needle equivalents, please see our FAQ and for yarn weights and UK equivalents, please see our Yarns by Weight page.

  • My daughter and I are going to do this together! Hers will be turquoise, mine in the blush. We ordered the microspun — we love its shiny look. Wish they had a pink just a bit brighter than the blush, but not fuschia.

  • I pre-ordered Crochet so Fine and it is wonderful. Although I have never made a garment before, I chose the pattern you are featuring and already have the micro-spun in a soft lavender. I am hoping this ongoing blog will bolster my confidence and get me going.


  • Love this cardigan! I have only made hats and scarfs, so hope I can do this. Thank you!

  • I came a little late to the party, but I’d definitely like to join in. Gonna check my stash tonight as I’m pretty sure I’ve got something that will work, maybe even some Microspun. If not, I’m sure Michaels/Joanns will welcome a visit. I’ll be making this baby for me. Never made a garment before, but I’d like to give this one a shot. I’m happy to see something for us crocheters that doesn’t require a bunch of granny squares.

  • I just saw this and am going to join for the first time. Can’t wait to get started

  • I have joined the CAL and am using stash yarn elsebeth lavold silky wool in a pale grey/green.Needed to use E hook to get gauge. I crochet fairly loosely as well. I have also finished to the place where it says 40 spaces and I also have 44. Counted out the next row and it would not match. Any suggestions? It is an interesting pattern and even though I am struggling a little with learning new stitches it is very pretty and I can’t wait to continue.

  • I’m in. Seems good for a lefty. No buttons or buttonholes on the wrong side. or to have to think about.

  • Hi! I already have 2 CALs from earlier this spring to finish but when I saw the beautiful pattern and realized I had a couple of skeins of MicroSpun I just had to try it. Getting the right gauge was frustrating, tried several different brands of hooks and sizes and ended up with Clover soft touch size B. The bamboo hooks kept catching the yarn on me. But once I started, I couldn’t believe how well the pattern seems to flow-one skein of yarn went by very quickly, which gave me hope I’d actually finish a project! I’m using the Mocha color, it does have a pretty sheen and feel it.

  • I picked soft lavender microspun over the weekend and started crocheting last night. It’s working up beautifully! I’m on row 4 today. I always mark the right side of the fabric, but I can’t tell from the pattern which side to use as the right side and both sides are really pretty! Can someone tell me which side is the right side?

  • Cannot find the Lion BRAND here in Ontario Canada. We have Bernat softee which looks like it might work.Otherwise I will have to make a quick trip to States next week.

  • Hello all,

    This is my 1st CAL. I am not online a lot mostly for work and school. I would rather be stitching.
    I love Kristin Omdahl’s work and I have several of her books including Crochet so Fine! Her stuff is so Fly that when I go into the LYS even the ones that don’t have any crochet (can u imagine) They all are intrigued by Ms. Omdahl’s designs. She put the SEXY back in crochet. I going to make a copy of my pattern and buy my yarn now. I am excited to get started.

  • I live inb Johannesburg South Africa. I have crochet’d all my life and I love this cardi. Just right for the rainy season which will start in October. We are in spring now and summer is about to commence. Love this news letter.

  • I have already started! I just couldn’t wait!! I am up to row 10 and it is working up beautifully. It is going so quickly, I can hardly believe it. I had to put it aside to finish another project for scarves for the USO but then I will be able to get started again. I am anxious to hear how others are doing.

  • hi all i started last week right after i signed up. couldn’t wait.I couldn’t fine the microsun and did’t want to wait for an order. so i’m using a bamboo blend in coral. Iam on row 15. I like the beginning the way it increases without adding any more chan spaces. My goal is to finsh this project so I can ware it thanks giving.

  • […] Join Our Special Guest Crochet-Along (intro blog post) […]

  • I have already started and am using knitpicks sportshine yarn in cream color. So far it looks fantastic.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for leaving your comments on this introductory post. We ask that you click here to read Kristin’s first blog post on choosing yarn and color, and to leave your comments there.

  • I am anxious to begin this CAL. It’s a lovely pattern and would be a nice present for my granddaughters.

  • I can’t wait to get started! I love this pattern and want to make one in every color, but I think I will start with the sterling. It will look great with black and white, which I wear a lot.

  • I also have a different number of spaces on row 8 than the pattern. I am using a lighter yarn and an F hook to get the gauge and making a size M. I ended up with 44 spaces instead of 42 but all was fin until that row 22 spaces on row 7 was correct and two space in each …somehow it doesn’t add up..?I guess I will need to wait to see what the rest of the CAL group come up with.

  • I can’t wait! This sweater is gorgeous, and i will love wearing it to school! Hopefully the CAL will help me find some other teenage crocheters. Just hope I have time with schoolwork… who actually uses geometry? πŸ™‚

  • I can’t wait to start my first CAL – I hope I’m not too late – I need to find yarn. I LOVE Microspun – I think I will use it and likely will use mocha since I am a very neutral dresser.

  • I chose microspun sterling. I like the idea that it can be played down, like a grey, or dressed up for its shine.

  • I would like to use up yarn from my yarn stash, as oppose to buying new. Could you let me know if a 4 ply acrylic will work? Wait…I will probably have to wait until we start gauging duh. But if you know please let me know. Thanks.

  • Oh! I haven’t done one of these yet! Unfortunately I am going to be a few days behind- exams are nasty! But this weekend I shall hopefully be able to pick up the hooks and play with everyone else!

  • My yarn arrived today – my color of choice was grape purple. Seems to be the fall color this year. I can’t wait to get started. Hopefully tonight.

  • I’d love to join. Not sure I understand how, and hope it’s not to late. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • My grandma’s name is PEARL too and this is so perfect. I started this super pattern on a business trip. I made my co-worker drive and I sat in the back of the car and crochet for hours. What a TREAT!

  • This is a beautiful cardigan and one that will be useful here in Florida. I am going to try to crochet along with everyone else, however, I am taking an online class and my not be able to keep up.

  • I’m in and so excited to begin! Will have to shop for yarn asap. I will be making this lovely cardigan for myself. πŸ™‚

  • I will make this for my daughter, and just bought the yarn in buttercup. I have never made a sweater before, as I seem to be deficient in understanding measurements — never have had any successful attempts. Look forward to crocheting along and hopefully this one will come out right.

  • Looks like fun. This will be a great way to crochet a sweater while avoiding possible pitfalls.

  • This is a great project! Can’t wait to get started.

  • I am going to make this cardigan for my daughter as a Christmas gift. I chose Lilac in the Lion Brand Microspun. I am looking forward to the experience and fun !


  • Really want to join along for the crochet. However, I am a lefty. How does one read the pattern when crocheting left-handed. So far I’ve only made scarves, shawls and hats. Easy for a lefty to handle.

  • Looking forward to making this cardi for me. I am thinking something in a fall color to wear Thanksgiving, to remind me how thankful I am that my grandmother taught me how to crochet 50 years ago!

  • This looks like a fun pattern, I like to learn something new with each project I do…I am also working on another crochet along for an afghan….this should be fun – working on 2 at once – let the fun begin!!

  • At the beginning of the pattern, there are several special stitches that are used for the cardigan (3-dc-cl, etc.) However, the explanation for the stitches are on various pages of the book the pattern came from. I did not see the explanation anywhere else. How do we get to those stitch explanations?

    Zontee says: Hi Karen A., don’t worry, we’ve provided them. They are on the pattern details page under “Stitch Explanations”.

  • Paula on Wednesday we just started to pick our yarn and introducing ourselves…this week (Wednesday) we will begin our gauge. I had no luck with my stash I need more yarn, I buy enough beer and snuff for my husband on a weekly basis and get nothing for me, so off I go to my local craft stores. If they have this yarn I will be choosing black. I will post later what color I end up with. EXCITED…….

  • I have never joined a group like this before, but I know it’s going to be great fun while learning how to make a stunning looking cardigan. I live in Canton, GA, just 20 miles north of Atlanta. I’ve been crocheting all my life and just love it. It’s how I unwind after a hectic day at the office. I don’t know which yarn I will use as of right now, but will find it sometime this week. Can’t wait to get started.

  • This is my first CAL and I have not picked my color, but I will use microspun. I will buy my yarn this week. Cannot wait to get started.

  • I am anxious to get started on this cardigan . I have spent a lot of time looking for something this lovely. Is it possible to use cotton cream since I am allergic to wool.?

    Zontee says: Hi Nancy, first of all, Microspun is a micro-fiber acrylic, so it has no wool content. Second of all, yes, you can use whatever yarn you prefer, as long as it’s a category 3 (DK) weight/thickness yarn.

  • Ok, what a bummer neither of my craft stores have the specific yarn needed. I chose a merino wool blend from caron called country in deep purple. It says nothing about weight but on those pictures on the back (and there are a few) it looks like it’s a 4 medium. I wish there was a universal stamp on all skeins instead of symbols. I will try it.

  • Waiting for my order to come. The Fall weather influenced my color choice – green. I’ve not done a crochet group before and I’m excited to join in on the fun!! The whole sizing swatches scares me. After reading the blog post on it though, I definitely will – why make a darling cardigan that won’t fit!!

  • I have moved to Ravelry.

  • Thanks for the stitch explanations, I did not have a clue and all my guess were wrong

  • I am so bummed out. When I first purchased my yarn I didn’t buy all that I needed. So of course, when I went back to Michael’s to get the rest of what I needed. There was none. Not just none of the color that I needed but no Microspun at all. I don’t know what that Michael’s is doing but there were just racks and racks of empty shelves. I’m not sure if they are bringing in different brands or what but now I will have to wait and order my yarn on line. So disappointed!

    Zontee says: Hi Renee, please be sure to share your feedback with your local Michaels manager. For stores, your feedback can be valuable to pass onto their corporate offices, who often make the decisions on their yarn departments.

  • This is my first crochet-along. I am looking forward to completing my Pearl Cardigan along with all the other fine crafters online. I plan using Cleckheaton Studio mohair 8 ply in light green. I am hoping the mohair will soften the pattern, giving it a more impressionistic feel.

  • Microspun is not my first choice for this project. Instead, I like Vanna’s Glamour … perhaps in gold! Wow, wouldn’t that look fabulous? Or maybe … in Black, Wow! Wow! That would make a sensational evening wrap … or a hip stylish day time look with blue jeans, black pumps, & a white blouce. Kristin’s pattern is so singularly beautiful … I cannot wait to get started.

  • I chose Microspun French Vanilla, it is so pretty. I had some problems in the beginning with splitting yarn, so I decided to change the brand of crochet hook and it worked. I was into the body of the sweater and left it next to my chair and our dog got the yarn and had a good time undoing all of the work, I finally was able to undo the entire thing and am ready to start again. If any of you have a puppy in the house, beware, they love the yarn πŸ™

  • I have complete gauge swatch. I am using Cotton Fleece by Brown sheep in a medium Pink color. Pink because I am a breast cancer survivor and Pink is my favorite color. This yarn is a #3 weight and blended cotton like Microspun. My sweater fabric will be great for layering in the winter time and on its own in the spring here in Philly. Kristin I LOVE the design element with the top of the yoke looking like 3 strand of pearls. I am now working on the yoke and it is easy and beautiful.

  • Hi: I am new to “talking” to people on the web so I hope you understand me and I am using the proper etiquette.

    Had crocheted the yoke and find it to be too short for me. I added an extra row of “pearls” and plan to add an extra row of “body” type stitches. Is it better to add the extra row before or after the increase row 15? Thanks in advance for your kind assistance. P.S. I have ripped this out twice – I am not giving up because the sweater looks great.

  • First of all Thank you for this site and this service.
    Hello, my name is Nena. I am in Corpus Christi, Texas and currently out of work-unemployed that is. I have crocheted since I was 12, my mother could not follow english instructions and would watch me and follow my instructions to learn patterns. Like any gift, I do not use it much. I am making this sweater for a friend of mine who I just learned has breast cancer and undergoing chemo. She is gets cold easier and I was looking for caps to make her when I saw this sweater. I know I am late joining, but hopefully I can pick up more yarn to complete this along with a cap. Any suggestions on a matching cap. Thanks.

  • I was not aware Lion Brand had a Crochet Along. I want to join the new one coming up in September. I wanted to add the badge as instructed above, but when the image is saved it does not have the URL address. Help.

  • I like your blog. Looking forward to your visiting.

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