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Kathleen Conti’s Hometown® Heroes

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Kathleen Conti from Franklin Square, NY

Kathleen is on Instagram as @Ladybug144

Found But Not Lost

Who is your Hometown® Hero?

Alice Cashman and Pearl Chin from Knitty City. @bryantparknyc & @KnittyCity

Can you tell us about your Hometown® Hero and what their project has meant to you?

A few years ago, I came across an initiative that was created by Alice Cashman of Bryant Park and Pearl Chin of Knitty City. These ladies founded the Found But Not Lost initiative. They collected and later donated handmade knit/crochet scarves and tagged them with a Found But Not Lost tag. They then placed them out in Bryant Park on or around Valentine’s Day and Random Acts of Kindness week for anyone to take for themselves or give to someone who may need it.

handmade knit/crochet scarves

I immediately was on board and reached out to Alice on how to send in my submissions. I have recruited a few others to contribute, Barbara Moran and Marie Heaney, who donate regularly with my donations.

Pearl and Alice would teach knit and crochet at Bryant Park for free on certain days/times during the summer. It was a very popular program at Bryant Park. Since creating this program they grew from collecting about 100+ scarves to last year, which was their most successful year yet. Last year they collected over 800+ scarves.

In addition to placing them at Bryant Park they were able to donate to shelters, women’s homes, etc. They get submissions sent in from all over the US and even Australia. I would love for Alice and Pearl to be recognized as your Hometown® Heroes on this amazing Found But Not Lost program that has touched so many of us who create and donate and all of the wonderful recipients of these homemade scarves to bring warmth and love.

Where can people find more information about your Hometown® Hero’s project?

BryantPark.org, Knitty City NYC Blog, and Bryant Park Facebook

You can find more information on how you can nominate your Hometown® Heroes Here! Hometown® Heroes is brought to you by Hometown® Bonus Bundle® Yarn.

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