Kick Off Your Holiday Crafting With Our 12 Weeks of Christmas Kit Collection!

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Kick Off Your Holiday Crafting With Our 12 Weeks of Christmas Kit Collection!

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September is in full swing. School is back in session and Fall festivities are taking place. Before you know it those Jack’O’Lanterns and candied apples will be sparkly lights, cookies, and wrapping paper.

I’m all about this time of the year, “Sweater Season,” if you will. I love the coziness, the activities, and planning events with friends and family. A few very special people make it onto my list for handmade gifts. Every year I vow to plan ahead and every year it turns into a scramble to finish projects on the eve of them being gifted.

Start Now September!

This weekend (September 13, 2019) Lion Brand launched their 3rd annual “12 Weeks Of Christmas” collection. It’s a array of projects from garments to quick knit accessories (see all the designs below). Whether you’re knitting yourself a new sweater to wear for the Holiday or you’re planning a gift for someone else you can find some inspiration. And don’t forget past collections! Last years Simple Chunky Ribbed Knit Blanket and Baby Penguin Amigurumi were big crowd pleasers!

The links below point to kits available on Kits include a copy of the pattern and yarn to complete the project in your desired size. To find the pattern only please visit the designer’s website. You can find this information by clicking the links to the Lion Brand kit page and scrolling down to the design information area (below the overview section).

The 2019 Twelve Weeks Of Christmas

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  • I’m looking for the Homespun Thick and Quick 381 Barley color and 238 Midnight Stripes yarns. Is there any way I can purchase these colors. Please let me know.

    Thank you. Dumone

  • Is it possible to purchase just the pattern? I have a lot of yarn including what is required for the Buckhorn Blanket. I would love to make it but I only need the pattern.

  • I love to get this

  • How about just the patterns? I still have yarn from my trip a few years back to the outlet storee

  • I’ve found that most of the patterns can be found by clicking on the designer’s name and scrolling through the site. Not all are free, but a heck of a lot of them are. (Sorry LionBrand but a lot of us collect your yarns just waiting for the right project and don’t always have the money for purchasing more.)

  • The pattern alone is sold at for $6.00

  • I almost did not bother to look at the pics since you only mentioned knit. That kind of disrespect to crocheters really fries me. I am a huge LB supporter, but not if you don’t care about crocheters

  • I am trying to make Long Luxe Cardigan pattern #L60254 by Teresa Chorzepa. The left front turns out on the wrong side. Any suggestions? What am I doing wrong? I followed the pattern three times and it always comes out wrong. HELP!! Charlotte Rutherford

  • I also would live to buy just the patterns. I collect my stash of yarn during the year waiting fir a pattern that inspires me.
    Also, why can’t you ever have Chanukah projects? Why always are they for Christmas? Not all of us celebrate Christmas, you know. When items are posted specifically for this holy day I tend to buy nothing from that catalog or sale as I feel discrimination is in the works, purposefully or not.

  • What a terrific set of ideas and collection, thank you! All packaged up and ready to make. I see a few of my favorite designers, too!

  • I am unable to access the Christmas Workshop site.

  • Finally started summer this yr. very disappointed
    Appears light and airy in photo wanted for my daughter age 40 but seems or appreciated for someone older
    because yarn appears to heavy gauge off and now no longer able to give to my daughter
    Very disappointed

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