Knit Some Bunny Gloves for Spring!

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Knit Some Bunny Gloves for Spring!

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How to Make Bunny Gloves

Lately I’ve had spring on the brain despite the weather reports of chilly temperatures. In hopes of making my wishful thinking a reality, I decided to make a spring-themed project to usher in the season. One day while I was browsing the cyber universe, I saw these adorable gloves on Japanese blog with bunnies on them! “How perfect is this”, I thought. “Nothing says spring like bunnies!”

How to Make Bunny Gloves

The entire blog was in Japanese so I couldn’t tell if there was a pattern, but being the crafty lady I am I knew I could make my own. Plus, making my own pattern would let me put my own twist on it. So I got to measuring and sketching and before I knew it I had my game plan. All I had to do was choose my yarn. I already knew that I wanted to use Vanna’s Glamour® in Diamond for the bunny because, let’s be honest, everything is better with a little glitter. The harder choice was finding the appropriately jubilant shade of pink. While carefully scanning the shelves in the Lion Brand Yarn Studio, the skeins of Martha Stewart CraftsTM/MC Extra Soft Wool Blend in Flamingo jumped out at me. The color was perfect and I thought that the subtle sheen would complement the sparkle of the  Vanna’s Glamour® nicely.

I wanted my gloves to look more whimsical than childish so I decided to use a seed stitch for the palms to give them a little sophistication. The Martha Stewart CraftsTM/MC Extra Soft Wool Blend was lovely to work with and slid so smoothly over my needles. It also lent itself very well to the elegant seed stitch. When it came time to knit my bunny I double-stranded the Vanna’s Glamour® since it was a much lighter weight. Once the gloves were finished, I embroidered my bunny’s little face on with Bonbons yarn. A gentleman would never go out without a bow tie so I made one for him with Bonbons in seed stitch to tie the design together. All in all it was a pretty quick project (taking me less than a week), and was very satisfying. At least my fingers look spring-ish, now if only the weather would follow suit…

Click here to get the pattern for this project.

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