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Knives Out, Cable Knits In

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According to knitting Twitter, Knives Out is a new romantic comedy about Chris Evans and his cable knit sweater. Knives Out hit theaters November 27th and one thing became clear almost immediately… the cable knit sweater that Evans wears in the movie was the real star of the show.

Chris Evans wear his cable knit sweater

In the new movie Knives Out, Chris Evans’ character, Ransom wears a beautiful cable knit sweater and what can only be described as knitsanity ensued after the films release. Knitting Twitter has even already come up with a clever name for fans of the Knives Out Cable Knit, Sweater Stans.

Of course, the knitting community wasn’t surprised by this newest knitting obsession. Mainly because this isn’t the first time that knitwear has jumped from the screen to knitters needles. Many of you remember the famous Katniss sweater from Hunger Games Catching Fire or Nakia’s infinity scarf from Black Panther a few years ago. But moviegoers across the board were drawn to this gorgeous knit and it will probably inspire more than a few crafters to test their hands at cables.

Are you looking to join in on the #sweaterstan fun and ready to start a cable knit of your own? Here’s how you can create your own Ransom sweater along with the funniest tweets from the middle of the sweater stan frenzy.

For the Crochet Stan

This dramatic, yet accurate assessment.

@KeishaHatchett “Chris Evans’ sweater deserves its own Oscar”

The Crochet Kit – Meara Fisherman Sweater

Meara Fisherman Sweater

For The Knit Stan

This simple and to the point observation:

@jordaneuskolitz “Chris Evans in a sweater. That’s it, that’s the tweet”

Inishturk Sweater and Tam Pattern (Knit)

Inishturk Sweater and Tam Pattern

And it looks like the official Knives Out Twitter approves of the Sweater Stan community’s enthusiasm.

@KnivesOutNo Spoilers but @ChrisEvans’ sweater is the real star in #knivesOut”

One thing is clear, the Fisherman cable sweater is having a moment and it’s time to dust off your hooks, needles, and stitch holders to give this trend a try. Share yours using the hashtag #KnivesOutChallenge!

Chris Evans in white cable knit sweater

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  • is that a cut in the sweater????

  • It was a really cute movie, though I wouldn’t say there was chemistry between the two characters!
    Now the sweater, why did they have him wear it with the hole/drop stitch? His character was egotistic and self centered, wouldn’t have worn it with a hole in the sweater! If it’s part of the charm of the sweater, will the drop stitch or YO appear in the pattern?

  • I noticed he has a hole in that beautiful sweater. I can fix that for you Chris!
    Too bad it might be a machine knit rather than a hand knit sweater. Only crochet is not reproducible by machine.
    Did you read about the Mr. Rogers movie sweaters? They did both hand knit and machine knit ones based on the real Mr. Rogers whose mother knit him a sweater for every Christmas. Too cool! Sweaters are in vogue in the movies.

  • Dear Nancy — Knitwear is easily reproducible by machine — it’s crochet that isn’t! And dear Lion Brands — “Knives Out” is NOT a romantic comedy! It’s a whodunnit that resembles a big-screen version of the board game “Clue” more than anything else.

    Apparently the gradual disintegration of the sweater (the raveled cuff, the hole in the cables, the frayed collar) is meant as a visual clue that the character’s life is also unraveling. All I know is that I was so focused on the sweater that I think I missed half of the movie! (That’s okay — it had plot holes MUCH BIGGER than the hole in the sweater!)

  • I don’t know if anyone noticed but there is a hole in the cable on the right front of the sweater. I would be embarrassed if my sweater had a hole like that, especially in a photo shoot.

  • That sweater looks exactly like one my husband’s grandmother knit well over 50 years ago and that he now wears with pride. Does anyone know if it’s a classic pattern that might’ve been widely available in the 1940’s thru ‘60’s (maybe even in British colonies such as Hong Kong)?

  • I cannot sign into the website. I have a correct password, but it still comes up as invalid. I have tried to reset the password, and your automatic response says that you have sent me a link, BUT NOTHING HAS EVER BEEN RECEIVED.


  • @ClaireRosenzweig The same thing happens to me every time I try to log into the Lion Brand website. Very frustrating and I have stopped trying.

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