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Kristin Matteo’s Hometown® Hero

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Kristin Matteo from Ocean Grove, NJ

Kristin is on Instagram as @tripsandtastes

Who is your Hometown® Hero?

I am nominating Stacy Wiener, the Founder of “Supporting A Community with Kindness (S.A.C.K)” @soapsacks. Stacy deserves this recognition because she has taken her passion for crocheting and knitting and turned it into a global movement that is helping those in need across the country and around the world.

Can you tell us about your Hometown® Hero and what their project has meant to you?

In three short years, Stacy has brought together thousands of volunteers who crochet and knit “soap sacks” for the less fortunate in their communities. Each 4″ x 6″ pouch is filled with a new bar of soap, tagged and donated to local food pantries, churches, veterans homes, and other social service agencies. Stacy continues to provide support to her own community by donating soap sacks to various locations across New Jersey each week. She does this while constantly filling and tagging soap sacks and continuing to establish amazing relationships with many other like-minded fiber artists who are focused on giving back.

Soap Sack (Crocheted)

This past January, Stacy was given the “Special Recognition Award” by the Association for Creative Industries for her work with S.A.C.K. Stacy was featured at the virtual Vogue Knitting Live this year, has partnered with Warm Up America, done numerous podcasts, magazine interviews, and is an active member of several knit/crochet groups, all in an effort to spread the word about S.A.C.K., and help as many people in need as she can.

A variety of multicolored soap sacks

To date, more than 100,000 soap sacks have been donated around the world, and that number just continues to grow as more people find out about this amazing movement Stacy has started.

She is a true Hometown Hero!!!

-Kristin Matteo from Ocean Grove, NJ

You can find more information on how you can nominate your Hometown® Heroes Here! Hometown® Heroes is brought to you by Hometown® Bonus Bundle® Yarn.

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