Kristy Glass is… The Domiknitter!!

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Kristy Glass is… The Domiknitter!!

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Gaze upon the glory that is… THE DOMIKNITTER!

Kristy Glass. You know her. You love her. Kristy was one of the first people to sign up for Yarn Heroes, and it goes without saying that she took the theme and FLEW with it. Kristy’s electric personality and huge heart provided a steady beat while we put Yarn Heroes together. Not only has she come up with one of the greatest costumes of all time, but Kristy has gone above and beyond to make for a great cause and we can’t wait to share the story!

Show Us Your Moral Fiber - A Charity Campaign Slogan

LB: Kristy Glass, you really are a super hero. Thank you for going so hard for this campaign. It really gave us all a lift to know you were on board!

KG: If you need a lift in your life, set some goals to help others.  Starting with something you love (knitting, crochet) will probably be a bridge to incorporating even more service in your life (soup kitchens, helping neighbors and community, etc.) Serving others often benefits the one doing the service even more than the recipient.

LB: What inspired your charity pattern, the Scraptacular Cowl?

KG: Cancer has touched my life from an early age. My beloved choir director died of lung cancer when I was a preteen, my cousin’s wife lost her battle to breast cancer in my early twenties, and my mother in law died from melanoma before I could give her grandchildren.  When I heard about LOVE SCARF PROJECT, I was immediately drawn in.

LB: Is this your first experience with service / charity crafting?

KG: No, I have been helping make baby blankets, hygiene kits, providing food for the poor, through my church for my entire life. I have been helping to organize and donate to LSP on and off for the past several years.

LB: As a parent, what keeps you up at night?

KG:  My main concern right now is how to raise empowered daughters.  I want them to know that they can do anything set their mind to.  I want them to respect and love themselves enough to maintain relationships with others (men and women alike) that foster a relationship of mutual tolerance and love and respect.

Story of a Charity Crocheter

LB: How did you first learn to craft with yarn? Did you have a mentor? Did you teach yourself?

KG: A neighbor helped me learn as a child, but I did not return to knitting until I was an adult.  I learned from a Martha Stewart magazine about Babies, and there was a knitting 101 article I referred to.

LB: When did you decide to start a yarn craft blog?

KG: I have been blogging for years, and when I started to take more interest in crocheting and knitting, I incorporated it in my posts.  This past June I started a YouTube channel and Instagram account completed dedicated to fiber arts.


LB: What are you most passionate about when it comes to knitting and crocheting?

KG: I am passionate about all things yarn crafting. I have no hidden agenda or intention. I ONLY want to spread joy through yarn crafting.

LB: What areas of yarn craft do you still need to work on? Any particularly hilarious stories of a yarn project failure? 😉

KG: I need to learn how to knit socks already!  My first hat, I did NOT pay attention to “Careful not to twist” And I knit the ENTIRE thing IN a twist. I kept wondering why I had to keep twisting while I knit, but I was such a newbie, I didn’t know I was so terribly off.  It did not end up being a hat…just a twisted jumble.

LB:  What area of blogging do you want to work on?

KG: I need to be better at keeping up my blog. The YOUTUBE channel has taken such a focus, that blogland is definitely back seat. But check out my channel and Instagram—I am always talking about fun/cool stuff!


LB: Tell us a more long-term dream charity project that you could do in the future?

KG: I love collecting hats and scarves for cancer patients. I love even more ACTUALLY being the one to hand them out.  A few Christmases ago as I visited and handed them out, I also recruited my family (who happen to be great singers), to serenade patients receiving treatments, with Christmas carols.  I would love to do this on an annual basis and incorporate music as well.

LB: Would you give us a sneak preview of whats next in the adventures of Kristy Glass?

KG: All the Christmas knitting. Of course, I do NOT want to spoil the surprises I have in store for family members, but I will be reporting on all of the handmade Christmas once it is all safely in the hands of the recipient. I have one project that is REALLY out there and and ode to our recent World Series Champions! GO CUBS!

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