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Learn Single Crochet with Moogly!

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When you first learn to crochet, you have to start with the chain. But after that, the next step is usually the single crochet! It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s where we all get our start. So here’s how to crochet the single crochet stitch… and a few free crochet patterns you can make to show off your skills!

Right Handed Single Crochet

Left Handed Single Crochet

Take your time, and you’ll be single crocheting in no time! But then… what can you make? All 10 of these gorgeous free patterns!

1. Soft Granite Blanket

baby blanket

Designed by Moogly
The Moss Stitch is such a crocheter’s favorite – at every skill level! And it’s just single crochets and chains – you can do this! With big thick Lion Brand Hometown USA, it’ll crochet up fast!

2. Single Crochet Wedding Favor Sachet


Designed by Lion Brand
I know at least one person reading this wants to learn to crochet in order to save money on their wedding! Whether it’s your big day, your relative’s big day, or you just want some pretty little bags, this is a fun pattern – and it introduces one more stitch to add to your toolbox!

3. Amigurumi Fortune Cookie

fortune cookie

Designed by Lion Brand
Did you know that most amigurumi (those cute little dolls, animals, food, etc) are made with single crochet? Here’s a simple one to get you started!

4. Pot Holder

pot holder

Designed by Lion Brand
Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton is the perfect yarn for beginners – the stitches are well defined, and you can make so many useful things!

5. One Skein Beginner Scarf

crochet scarf

Designed by Lion Brand
Everyone has to make a single crochet scarf at least once. It’s the rules. (Not really, but Homespun does make some pretty ones!)

6. Beginner’s Crochet Hanging Tag

crochet tag

Designed by Moogly
I designed this pattern for I Love Yarn Day – and there are so many basic skills you can learn by making it!

7. Valentine’s Envelopes

Valentine Envelopes

Designed by Lion Brand
You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to make these adorable little pouches – they make a great little gift year round! Just pick your favorite colors of Vanna’s Choice! (And there are so many to choose from!)

8. Best Buddies Soft Toys

crochet toys

Designed by Lion Brand
One of the first things most crocheters do is make gifts for others – and can I just say how much I love that about crocheters? These simple toys are a great place to start – and kids will feel the love in each simple stitch!

9. Nifty Needle Case

needle case

Designed by Moogly
Now that you’re a crocheter, you’re going to need a few yarn needles for weaving in ends. And this project gives you a handy place to keep them safe – much better than the living room carpet…

10. Speed Hook Hooded Scarf

crochet scarf

Designed by Lion Brand
Go one step further with that scarf… and add a hood! These make great gifts!
So even with just the basics, you can get started making a wide variety of projects – and as you expand your skills, you’ll be able to make more and more! Just keep practicing, experimenting, learning, and creating!

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  • I am having trouble making a child’s crocheted sweater. The directions, once I have a block of material for the back, say to “Pat across Back.” I have no idea what that means. Can anyone help?

    • this is probably referring to a repeating pattern instruction given earlier in the pattern

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