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Lion Visits Etsy

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clocktower building, Etsy

We had a lot of fun visiting Etsy a month ago. David, Zontee, Liz and I went to their offices, located in a beautiful building called the Clocktower in an one of the many areas of New York named with an acronym: Dumbo. That stands for down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass.

Etsy is an online marketplace for buying and selling anything handmade. We did a podcast while we were there and interviewed some of the staff about this phenomenon. We found a very creative group of people and a devotion to customer satisfaction that was impressive. Their site is fun to look at and as crafters, we particularly value anything made by hand.

Etsy featured an exclusive interview with Vanna for their web site.

After our visit, we enjoyed an over-the-top lunch at the famous Junior’s Restaurant.

Etsy offices

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  • I had listened to this Yarncraft podcast about the Etsy offices and I like seeing these “behind the scenes” pictures. I would like to see more pictures to go along with the podcasts. It’s nice to get some “visuals” of what I’m listening to on the podcasts. It would be great if you would do that regularly – having pictures to go along with the podcasts, either here in this newsletter or on the Yarncraft podcast website.

  • I was delighted to read your article in the Lion Brand Notebook about your visit to Etsy headquarters in NYC. I have a new shop at Etsy which features all hand-crocheted yarn items and it was fun to actually see a picture of their beautiful headquarters building, the Clocktower. Seeing where they live has helped ‘personalize’ the wonderful staff at Etsy, which makes a difference when dealing with an online entity. It was like visiting ‘family’. Thank you for your article.

  • I, too, was glad to see the pictures to go along with the podcast. I was thrilled to have Vanna pick one of my designs for the Storque article.

  • I loved reading the article about Etsy and actually seeing the Clocktower where they are located. I joined Etsy in feb. 2008, I’ve been selling my Handknitted baby clothes. It’s a pleasure to share my work with such lovely people. Thank you for the article.

  • […] a venue where you can sell individual handmade items or open your own virtual store. In April, we visited the Etsy offices in Brooklyn and were really impressed with how creative and customer-friendly they […]

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