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Color of the Year for May: Marigold

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All things sunny & possible come in our May Color of the Year, Marigold. Yellow is a stop-you-in-your-tracks kind of color, and we’ve found the perfect shade. It’s honey-warm, with a fullness and depth beyond your usual yellow. This hue has been popping up in every ready-to-wear collection, and there’s nothing mellow about it! Many are calling this “Gen Z’s answer to Millennial Pink.” Marigold is fresh and smart, and just right for summer’s start. Read on for a list of our most Marigold yarns, and patterns & kits to work up this brilliant color.

May is for Marigold.

How did we get to Marigold?

via Vanity Fair

via Vanity Fair

Yellow burst back into our consciousness a few years ago, and many credit Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth! When she donned a monochromatic canary yellow suit for Prince William’s wedding in 2011, it made international waves. Ever since, yellow’s been on our minds, culminating in Rhianna’s jaw-dropping Met Ball gown in 2016!

Key Words: Bright, Bold, Brilliant

From the Flower

While Marigold has been around for ages, we tend to associate it with the mindfulness movement. And it’s surprisingly thoughtful for being so bright. Think of floral arrangements at meditation studios, or the yellow of tumeric tea. Though it’s trending now, marigolds have always been a sacrifice to the gods. Besides being ubiquitous in high fashion and street style, the flower has numerous meanings. Both “despair and grief over loss of love” and “promoting cheer in a relationship” are symbolized by marigolds!

Craft in Marigold

Our Most Marigold Yarns




Marigold Cardi (Crochet)

Marigold Cardi (Crochet)

Marigold Cardi (Crochet)

This gorgeous Marigold Cardi (Crochet) is going to be a year-round go-to piece in your wardrobe. It’s crocheted in our 100% mercerized 24/7 Cotton Yarn, so it’s remarkably easy to care for. Since the stitching is so elegant, you could dress it up with a maxi dress. It’s pretty & easy, but also has visual interest – the epitome of Bohemian Chic. Rather than relegate it to your ‘spring/summer’ box, this color will be fresh all year long.

Cabled Raglan Cardigan (Knit)

Cabled Raglan Cardigan (Knit)

Cabled Raglan Cardigan (Knit)

Before you say yellow is too bright for your style, take a look at this fetching wardrobe staple. Once you’ve introduced the Cabled Raglan Cardigan (Knit) to your rotation, you’ll barely remember a time you didn’t rock this color! Such a classic design looks fresh and modern in an unexpected hue. With beautiful details at the shoulder, this Heartland Yarn project will be light & easy.

Two Cute Tams

For those lingering nippy days, reach for one of these cute hats. Our Windsor Terrace Hat (Knit) is made in our Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, so it’ll be cozy with great stitch definition. But if you want a subtler nod to our color of the month, the Simple Hat (Knit) is perfect for you. A big fun pompom is great for those feeling shy of going ‘banana-rama’!


A splash of yellow can do wonders for your space! HGTV suggests that this color “adds optimism to your home, prompting feelings of happiness in all who enter.” In addition, “yellow activates memory, stimulates the nervous system, promotes communication and sparks creativity.” Keep reading for kit suggestions for marigold-marrying blankets and throws.

Blankets & Throws

First, our Kaleidoscope Blanket (Crochet Kit) dabbles in marigold, among other pleasing hues. Next, take a look at the Yellow Brick Road Afghan (Crochet Kit) for a more buttery yellow tone. Plus, the big tassels add an on-trend visual detail! But if you’re looking for a more subtle, muted way to add marigold to your decor, the Simple Striped Afghan (Knit Kit) might be your best bet.

Maybe you’re looking for more graphic designs for your space. If so, the Southwest-Inspired Sunburst Afghan (Crochet Kit) will definitely fit the bill. The design and fringe are both so elegant, this would make a wonderful accent for any room. For an even more neutral vibe, take a look at the Love Triangles Afghan (Crochet Kit). Because the yellow in this pattern is so perfectly placed, it’s the definition of a ‘pop’ of color.

For the Younger Crowd

If you’d rather craft for a younger crowd, these three blankets will delight the little people! First, the Squishy Beginner Baby Blanket (Crochet Kit), which is simple to make while looking great. It’s a magically simple project from Mama in a Stitch, so you know she knows what she’s stitching about! Next up for our marigold kiddie-kits is the Blue Fish Blanket (Knit Kit).

Another fun creature-inspired kit is our Hooded Bird Blanket (Knit Kit). Lastly, our Warm Welcome Blanket (Crochet Kit). The prettiest hues make up this blanket, which would also make an ideal gift!

To Wear

All these cute pieces will add a little marigold to your day-to-day style! First, the Butterscotch Tassel Scarf (Crochet Kit) is the biggest, coziest accessory out there, with a decadent fringe. Another cute yellow kit by Hopeful Honey is the Fair Isle Biscotti Hat (Crochet Kit). If you’re searching for a one-tone tam instead, see the Basket Weave Slouch Beanie (Knit Kit) by Phanessa Fong. For home decor, there’s nothing cuter than the Pillowji Pillows (Crochet Kit) by All About Ami. Except maybe her Pineapple Purse (Crochet Kit)!

In addition, we have two marigold garment kits to share. The Lemon Drop Sweater (Knit Kit) is breezy and very boho chic. And All About Ami’s The Midtown Cardigan (Knit Kit) is an adorable take on a wardrobe staple cardigan. Any of these projects would be a lovely way to embrace our May Color of the Year.

Design Team Tips

From Adina Klein, our Creative Director: “While primary yellow can be intimidating to wear (who looks good in bright yellow besides Big Bird?), we are in love with Marigold. Just like the flower which has smaller petals on pink, orange and red, Marigold is a warm yellow, verging on orange, with a hint of red.” For those bold enough to embrace this hue, it makes a statement, coming and going.

Written with Adina Klein, Creative Director at Lion Brand.

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