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My Life In Yarn: Niki Dionne

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Dallas Tx

Niki’s crafts of choice are Pom-Pom making, knitting, and illustration.

Niki is a featured artist in Intangible, a Craft Yarn Council fiber art installation taking place in Dallas, Texas. Created in collaboration with The Sweet Tooth Hotel, Intangible features the work of ten fiber artists and will benefit Warm Up America! to help the charity provide more warm items to people in need.⁠


What’s your favorite Lion Brand yarn?

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn and quick and Re-Up Yarn have my whole heart.

Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

What brought you to yarn?

In my last year of college, I was an RA in an all-female dorm. I saw one of my fellow RA’s crocheting and I knew I wanted to learn! In a gift exchange, she bought me a @leisureartsinc learn to book. I didn’t end up reading it. Not three months later I was applying for a position with @craftyarncouncil and the rest is history

Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet? Tell us a bit about how you learned.

I learned to crochet from a combination of my sister and YouTube. I struggled with picking up crochet. My sister tried to teach me using the pencil hold but it was just so uncomfortable and awkward. I decided to put it to the side and try knitting. I picked that up within hours of watching my first video! After I knit for a bit, I decided to revisit crocheting. I naturally started crocheting overhand without realizing (because of my knitting) and it was EASY!

Niki's craft of making knitting

What is your favorite thing to make?

I love making small projects! Swatches, scrunchies, and market bags!

Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

For knitting, I love the classic stockinette stitch on circular needles. For crochet, I love Mesh stitches.

Niki's craft of making illustration

What’s the first project you finished?

The first full project I finished was a crochet sweater. It was super ambitious and WAY too big for me HAHA!

Why are you a fan of Lion Brand products?

I love the textures that Lion brand offers with their yarns!

Niki's craft of making Pom-Pom

This Saturday, August 15, The Craft Yarn Council and Sweet Tooth Hotel are launching their first live virtual tour inside Intangible

Tickets are Pay What You Can, starting at $2, and they’re donating $1 from each ticket to Warm Up America! Tickets can be purchased here:

Photo Credit: @ta_visuals

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