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Girl Wear Beautiful Scarf

Every crafter has a yarn story. Maybe it’s the first time you successfully bound off a scarf, a memory of the person who taught you how to double crochet, or even the first time you attempted intarsia. We all have stories like that, but we rarely have a chance to share those stories with fellow crafters.

At Lion Brand Yarn we are always looking for new ways to connect with our community. We get the chance to hear your feedback on a regular basis but we don’t often have the chance to connect with you on a deeper level and understand what inspires you as a maker. That’s where our new feature, My Life In Yarn, comes in. My Life In Yarn is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know you better. We want to know what inspires you and how you got into making in the first place. On the My Life In Yarn platform, we will be featuring stories from you… for you.

How You Can Get Involved?

It’s simple! You can start by following My Life In Yarn on Facebook and Instagram for updates and new My Life In Yarn posts. You can read more maker’s storied on the My Life In Yarn landing page. Our first post from Kristi Simpson was just added and it’s a great way to get an idea of what My Life In Yarn is looking for. Lastly, you can share your My Life In Yarn story with us! Just email your answers to the questions below along with a photo of yourself to

We can’t wait to hear about your Life In Yarn!

My Life In Yarn Questions:

Kristi Simpson (My Life In Yarn)

1. Name

2. Location

3. Favorite LBY Yarn

4. Social Media account/handle

5. What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)?

6. Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet?  Tell us a bit about how you learned.

7. What is your favorite thing to make?

8. Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

9. What’s the first project you finished? 

10. Why are you a fan of LBY products?

11. Any other notable stories/experiences with yarn you’d like to share!

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  • My name is Stacy I have 6 children and I am from North Carolina. When I was 14 my mother taught me the basic granny square and over the years I’ve taught myself how to do other projects. I love making afghans, hats and amigurumi. My favorite afghan stitch is C2C . I love LBY because there are so many to choose from and all of a great quality! My favorite would have to be ferris wheel and mandala. The most memorable thing for me about crocheting is being able to make my infant daughter who never came home from the hospital, a small blanket to use in the NICU. That was over 20years ago. In 2017 we moved 900 miles from home, leaving behind our oldest son and daughter. It was the hardest thing for me to deal with, I had always been a stay at home mom and never away from my children. (We are back home now) From oct of 2017 until Feb of 2019, I lost 4 family members . Two aunt’s and two cousins. One cousin to the attack at Vegas and one to a car accident. I took up crocheting again earnestly to keep my mind busy. Crocheting is an outlet for me as I suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety. Thank you Lion Brand for giving us so many options to choose from!

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