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Netflix and Knit with Slow TV

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While knitting may be a fun hobby to do, you probably never thought watching it happen would make for fascinating entertainment. But Norwegian documentary program Slow TV proves that wrong. The show takes mundane, everyday acts and films them from beginning to end — and it’s been a runaway hit in its native land.

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Now, American viewers can get in on the lack of action, since Slow TV arrived on the streaming service Netflix on August 5. And among the episodes provided you will find one called National Knitting Evening.

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The show is more than three hours long, and filled with the relaxing visuals of people knitting as well as interviews and how-to segments. There is some history and discussion of traditional Norwegian mittens, known as Selbu, and the meanings behind the various intricate, multi-thread patterns.

The big event, however, is their attempt to break a world record. The knitters are trying to become the fastest to create a sweater from sheep to finished object — yes, this includes shearing and spinning the wool in addition to knitting and assembling the garment — in less than four hours and 51 minutes. Do they make it? You’ll have to watch to find out.

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