Our New London Kaye Window: Spring!

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Our New London Kaye Window: Spring!

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We are having a ball celebrating all things London Kaye these days. Especially her latest window design for our Manhattan Studio! If you’re close, or planning a visit to NYC, take a moment to bask in the brightness. This window sings ‘Spring!’ and has us feeling ready for warmer weather. Customers at our Manhattan Studio have been telling us how much brighter the block seems! We love that our street is looking fun and inviting.

Spring is Coming!

Crochet by London Kaye (Spring)

Crochet by London Kaye, Photo by Ana Gambuto

Crochet Your Own

Our favorite details in this window are ones you can actually make yourself. Many of these fun crochet moments are featured in London’s Theme Packs! You too can yarn-bomb some bliss in your home or around your neighborhood. We expect her Theme Packs, yarns and crochet hooks to arrive at the Studio this week, so stop by soon to take yours home.

London Kaye Theme Pack

Crochet by London Kaye, Photo by Ana Gambuto

London often crochets a self-portrait (remember her ballerina from our winter window?). For this spring edition, here she is, crocheting away! We love her crocheted headband, and her happy crafting smile. You can still see a little ballerina influence, sitting cross-legged, with such good posture! We’re also digging her crocheted-signature, it’s one-of-a-kind.

Visit Soon!

For in-person inspiration, visit soon. We cherish our windows for a couple months each, so you have a bit of time to plan a trip. For those who can’t make it, we hope you enjoy these beautiful photos by Ana Gambuto. She’s captured the joy and whimsy perfectly! Below, on the left, you can see the window as if you’re walking west down the block. And, on the right, a zoomed-in view of some little underwater doodles hidden down near the ground. If you stop by, please share your photos, and feel free to tag us – and London, too!

You can find and follow her on Instagram at @madebylondon, for more crochet adventures.

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  • This is beautiful! I love London Kaye and am excited to buy her new yarn kits.

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