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The OWL on the Wooden

Oh. My. Goodness. LOOK AT IT! AHHHH.

Words rarely fail me. Now they do. There are none to describe the SHEER MAJESTIC CUTENESS of this straight-up unbelievably cute little Baby Snow Owl by the truly one-of-a-kind MamaInAStitch.

Avid movie goers know that sequels rarely compare to the unforgettable original. Well, Jessica has executed a rare feat: I thought it couldn’t get any cuter than her adorable woodland hedgehog, but I was wrong. (Psst… remember that sweet hedgy wedgy? We talked about it almost a month ago!)

This Baby Snow Owl is at least as cute. Just look at those eyes. Look at them! Try not to get lost in their sleepy scrumptrulescence, I dare you!

Baby Snow Owl

And of course, any creature of the tundra, forest, great plains, or jungle is best worked up with some yarn imbued with the powerful roar of the King of the Yarn Jungle: Lion Brand Wool-Ease! It just takes about half a skein of Wool-Ease in Fisherman to make this outrageously cute creature, with just a little bit of felt needed for some of the accents. Jessica particularly liked this yarn “because of the texture and off white color.”

Aware of her creation’s blinding cuteness, MamaInAStitch didn’t want a “too bright white” look, as it would render the creature literally *too* fantastically adorable to even be viewed by human eyes.

Man In Frost White color

(If you are thinkin’ that you want to try blindingly white, we’ve got you covered with our Frost White color!)

Mama In A Stitch (Baby Snow Owl)

So head on over to MamaInAStitch for the complete pattern, or grab the inexpensive Etsy download here!

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