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Beginner Pattern Contest! Lion Brand & Sh*t That I Knit

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Calling Knit Designers!

If you love knitting, designing, and Wool-Ease Thick & Quick then this contest is for you! Lion Brand & Sh*t That I Knit are teaming up for a beginner pattern contest (deadline is June 14, 2019). Read on for details!

What Is Sh*t That I Knit?

Sh*t That I Knit​ is a knitwear company based out of Boston, MA. Born out of founder, Christina Pardy’s, love of knitting, Sh*t That I Knit is dedicated to creating beautiful, high-quality products and to connecting deeply with their customers. The brand is the backbone of a community made up of people from around the world and is committed to making a positive social impact. Sh*t That I Knit donates G​ive-a-Sh*t Knit Kits ​to young adult cancer programs and individuals around the country. This year, we’re teaming up with our Give-a-Sh*t partner, Lion Brand Yarn, to get your help in making our kits extra special!


The Design Challenge

Your challenge is to create a beginner pattern to add to the existing 3 patterns we include in the kits. Our current patterns are pictured below. The winner will be chosen by Lion Brand and Sh*t That I Knit for the pattern that fits best with the Give-a-Sh*t program and meets all contest requirements.

Project Requirements

  • Must only use one ball of W​ool Ease Thick & Quick​ or yarn of the same gauge
  • Must complete the project, start to finish, with s​ize 15 knitting needles​ and a darning needle
  • Must be beginner level and use only cast on, knit, purl, and cast off stitches
  • Must be a unique and original design, keeping in mind the current Give-a-Sh*t patterns (examples below)

Submission Guidelines

  1. By June 14th, post a photo of finished product to Instagram or Facebook tagging @lionbrandyarn, @shitthatiknit, and #STIKxLionBrandContest
  2. AND email a PDF of final pattern to w​​ with the subject: #STIKxLionBrandContest

Deadline to enter: June 14, 2019

What You Win

Winner will be announced on Friday June 21, 2019

  • The first prize winner will be selected by Lion Brand & Sh*t That I Knit. The winner will receive $250 compensation for their design, which will be listed on with their name as the designer.
  • Second and Third winners will each receive a $50 gift certificate to

Print (& Share) This Reference Sheet!

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  • It says “our current patterns are listed below”. I’m not seeing that. Unless it is the photos of the fingerless gloves and headband. Does a submitted pattern need to written a certain way? Basically, is there a sample pattern as to what y’all are looking for—sizing, format, etc?

  • Is there a limit to how many one person can submit? Thanks!

    • As many times as you’d like!

  • I still can’t find a link to the existing kits. If you want us to design something “keeping in mind the current patterns” -I gather there are 3 of them – then you need to provide a link so that we can see them. I see the headband and the mitts, but what’ s the third one. Is that a ribbed cowl of some kind? Why isn’t there some simple, clear way to find them?

    • Hi! I’ve just added a few larger images of the headband, cowl, and mitts to the bottom of the post.

  • Hi! Can the pattern be knit in the round or is it a requirement that the pattern be able to be knit on straight needles?

  • Yet that still doesn’t give us a sample pattern let alone all three. Are they secret? If you want us to design in your style, give us a clue. I design most of my own patterns and might have been interested but this looks like too much of a hassle to bother with. Thanks anyway.

  • Are simple decreases allowed?

  • Why is this kit and it’s patterns designed around us 15 needle when the ball band clearly calls for us 13? And 13 is even a bit much to hold to when you are a new knitter…

  • Are you going to announce a winner! June 21 came and went.. lol

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