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Seen in the Yarniverse

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Over the past couple of weeks we came across a couple of bloggers who have created some beautiful afghans with our Cotton-Ease yarn.

Bella Dia uses a granny square pattern similar to our Happy Baby Blanket pattern to create her granny square blanket project.
Stardust Shoes takes some yarns and plays around with them to create some VERY cute flowers!

There is also a great group for those of you registered on Ravelry, for people who use Cotton-Ease, called Cotton pickin’. It’s there for anyone and everyone to share Cotton-Ease love and has some wonderful suggestions for new items using the yarn.

Additionally on Bella Dia, she suggests a great way to pick out swatches for upcoming projects using our website.

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  • OOOhh!Etsy is a wonderful site!
    there are so many talented and creative people there!

  • I listened to your podcast on etsy when you first did it and I loved it..thank you so much for helping promote a wonderful site..I’ve only been selling since Nov 2007 and have done very well and the people are awesome on etsy.

  • I love to see crochet made into art pieces, and even better when the art has a message!! Crochet is too often left to hats and scarves and mittens. Thank you Lion Brands for supporting the arts!

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