Six Shades of Denim at Your Fingertips

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Six Shades of Denim at Your Fingertips

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Jeans are a fashion staple for, well, pretty much everyone. No matter your age, gender, race, size, or personal style, you probably have at least one denim piece in your closet. Dark, light, black, or gray wash. Boot cut, skinny, or relaxed fit. We’ve all got that pair of jeans that makes us feel like we’re unstoppable.


Every individual has a denim color that’s perfect for them, so we offer our Jeans® yarn in six shades to match whatever you need. Plus, we’ve got one to go with the iconic golden top stitching you see on most classic pairs. It’s everything you need to create a perfect denim look!

Like any pair of jeans, our blue hues can be the star of your ensemble, but they can also function as neutrals. Something made from Jeans® can be your signature piece — something you’re known for wearing, that you wouldn’t seem like you without. Or they can be something a little more out there, with mixed and matched colors that create unique designs.

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Our patterns for this yarn do exactly that — they combine the classic with the modern, the neutral with the bold, and the old with the new. You can use them to give the look of washed, well-loved denim to any of your favorite patterns. Jeans® is category 4, so try substituting it in projects calling for other medium or worsted weight yarns. The possibilities are endless, so make something you’ll love.

Watch the video above for more info about Jeans®.

Denim Shades

Denim comes in many shades, and so does Jeans®! Try to match them to your favorites, or make something different to offset the pair you love.







Brand New






So, what’s your wash?

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