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Super Bowl Stitching Showdown

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Stitch your way through Super Bowl LII: Patriots vs. Eagles

Simon Cowell

Ladies, there is no need to be bored this year during the Super Bowl!

If you’re about to find yourself at a Super Bowl party on February 4th, we have the perfect Stitch Along for you! Knitters and crocheters alike can participate with the game by making a Super Bowl Scarf, following the events that unfold. Don’t forget to pack your hooks or needles and some yarn before you head out to your Super Bowl party this year!

So How Does This Work?

You’ll need some chunky yarn in your team’s colors! Try a 6 Super Bulky yarn, like Hometown USA or Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. You can use any two colors, but we recommend some team colors!

Rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles?

Hometown Yarn in Green

Hometown Yarn in New York White

Player Celebration

Or maybe you’re sure the New England Patriots will take the win?

Hometown Yarn in San Diego Navy Hometown Yarn in Springfield Silver

Football Meme

Grab a Size N 10mm hook or Size 15 10mm needles and a pair of scissors and check out the rules of the game below.

The Knit Bit:

Super Bowl Stitching Show Down Knit Along

Crochet All Day:

Super Bowl Stitching Show Down Crochet Along

Pro Tips:

Never followed a football game before? Try listening in for announcements in replays. If you miss a play or two, there’s no need to worry, you can make up rows during Halftime Freestyle!

Scarf still not long enough after the game? Go back in and add some rows in the first color on both ends for the right length.

Not a fan of weaving in the ends? (Nobody is!) Tie your ends in a knot and add some fringe to the edges. Trim all the edges down to the right length and watch your messy ends become a wonderful style detail!

Enjoy the game and share your finished scarves on Monday, February 5th!

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  • Great idea.. But why knit 18 rows on my crocheted scarf? lol

  • Correction: last line of the Crochet project should be “SC 18 rows of the first color again” (obviously not KNIT)

  • This sounds like fun- I’m in.

  • How about a variation, ext Sc, hdc, slst-hdc pattern, so it works faster, great idea with the colors. Philadelphia Eagles expectation.

  • amazing idea. But why only 18 rows???

  • How many skeins of each color for this fun activity?

  • Is it just me, or is the image for Knitters not there?

  • Nevermind, it loaded now.

  • What size hook?

  • I’ve never done this before… how many skeins of each color would I purchase.

  • Is one skien of each color enough? Can’t wait to do this

    • We suggest at least 3 skeins of each color Hometown USA!

  • How many skeins do we need?

    • We suggest at least 3 skeins of each color Hometown USA!

  • just making sure that you just need one skein of each color!

    i usually knit during sporting events as a stress reliever!
    this should be fun.

    thank you.

    • We suggest at least 3 skeins of each color Hometown USA so your scarf will end up as a good length! Have fun next Sunday 🙂

  • Question. What letter is a 15mm hook?

    • Hi Yvette, we have updated the post with the hook information! We suggest a size N/15 10mm hook! Sorry about the mix up!

  • How many skeins do you think one would need?

    • We suggest at least 3 skeins of each color Hometown USA!

  • There are two Superbowl Stitching Showdowns, one is crocheting, the other is knitting..

  • So, if a team goes for the 2 point run-in after a touchdown, or scores a Safety, would that be 2 rows?

    • You can definitely do 2 rows for a 2 point run-in or a Safety! Great addition 🙂

  • How much yarn is necessary to purchase?

    • We suggest at least 3 skeins of each color Hometown USA!

  • Do we only follow the pattern for our own team, when we get a touch down, field goal, etc?

    • Hi Sheri! Follow the pattern for scores on both teams, so the scarf will be long enough! 🙂

  • Could not print out the pattern

  • What are the names or color numbers?

  • love watching the super bowl. My team didn’t make it. 🙁 So I am thinking that I am going to do all 4 colors. Positive action stitch in blue or green, negative stitch in gray or white. I expect a lot of color changes.

  • NE Patriots Blue….Philadelphia Eagles Green…..
    NE scores a touchdown and the extra point….so I knit 6 rows and purl 1 row in the appropriate color…Blue . GOT IT…
    BUT…now the Eagles are in possession…NE receives a penalty…what color do I purl a row in…blue or green??
    And, since the Eagles ar.e in possession am I holding green? Since the penalty is against NE, do I switch to Blue to Purl a row?
    Same question if it is an interception……..when I look at my scarf, how do I know if it was a penalty or an interception???

    I am confused….Please explain…

    I am thinking that I should have Blue/Green for touchdowns and extra points and field goals (they are all scoring situations),,,then 2 different shades of blue, one for a penalty against NE, the other for an interception BY NE…..Same for the Eagles…use 3 shades of green…

  • Should we be carrying both yarns along the side? It seems like it would be hard to switch back and forth if we break the yarn at each change.

  • So excited now for the game. My husband found this for me and bought me the yarn. I added some more terms for a little more variation 🙂 plus hubby wants the main colors for the Patriots and Eagles and I picked silver to tie them together since it’s a shared color. Thanks for the wonderful idea. 🙂

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