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Teaching Math With Knit and Crochet

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It turns out that some of the best ways to understand mathematical concepts and to solve mathematical problems is by expressing them with knit and crochet models. Daina Taimina, a math professor at Cornell, was the first to crochet a model of hyperbolic space. Hyperbolic crochet was also used to show the coral reef by the Institute for Figuring.

On our web site you can find a pattern for basic hyperbolic shapes using these concepts.

Crochet coral reef

In Science Magazine Carolyn Yackel, an assistant professor of math at Mercer University in Atlanta is quoted as saying that “Crochet, knitting and other crafts allow people to visualize, recontextualize and develop new problems and answers.”

Thanks to Jack and Marlene in Sales for pointing us to this interesting information.

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  • Thank you for this article. Are you aware that, in America, Waldorf Schools use knitting to teach mathematical concepts to elementary schools students? Maybe all our schools could offer this.

  • Brilliant!

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