Video: How to Use Stitch Markers in Knitting & Crochet

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Video: How to Use Stitch Markers in Knitting & Crochet

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Both knitters and crocheters may find stitch markers helpful for many reasons. They can help you…

  • keep track of your stitch count (place them between every stitch repeat in a lace or cable pattern!)
  • mark mistakes that need fixing (split ring markers work best for this)
  • indicate the beginnings of the round on in-the-round projects

Learn more with this short video.

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  • These stitch markers look as if they would be most useful. I think it beats making your own which I have done for years. Now, how do I get these at Lion Brand? Also how do I get the knitting needles I want? I’ve knitted for years but I’m still short on some of the sizes. I don’t see a list for individual purchases, nor do I see the prices.

    • Hi Pat, the Lion Brand versions are available her:

      To shop’s needle selection, click on “shop” on the left-hand bar of the website, click on “Hooks, Needles & Tools” and the click on whichever category you’re interested in browsing. Hope that helps!

  • You can get them at any craft shop that sells knitting supplies or mail order catalog. They come in 3 sizes in a small box, I think there are about 20 in a box. I use them all the time. I keep them on a safety pin because the tiny boxes break. Good luck.

  • I cannot find the size 19 U.S. knitting needles with the 36″ length anywhere. Any online suggestions? Thanks

    • Hi Barbara, I’m not sure about 36″ ones, but depending on what you’re making, you may be fine with 29″ ones. Circular needles can be shorter than recommended (you simply have more stitches on them) but not longer for circular items, and if you’re using them as “straight” needles (like for an afghan), the length is less important. If that works for you, you can find 29″ ones on
      Hope that helps!

  • when I use a stitch marker , it left a hole in my amigurumi , what shall I do?

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