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Where to Donate Your Knitting and Crochet

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Yarncrafting is fun, but it can also do a lot of good. From kids to animals to the homeless, you can send your finished products to many different organizations to provide warmth and comfort to those in need.

Below are five charities that will accept knitted or crocheted items.


  • -Head Huggers provides hats for cancer patients who have lost their hair from chemotherapy. You can mail them to a central location for distribution or find a local organization through their network. For these hats it’s best to use soft, washable yarns and make them as smooth and seamless as possible for comfort.
  • Hats 4 the Homeless distributes knitted goods to the homeless population in New York City every winter. You don’t have to be in NYC to donate; they have an address where you can mail your goods. It’s not just hats, either — they’ll also take scarves, socks, and gloves.
  • Snuggles Project is great for anyone who wants to help animals. You make a little blanket for an animal — knit, crochet, or sew — and give them to a participating shelter. The Snuggles provide comfort and warmth to the creatures in the shelters while they wait for their forever homes.
  • Project Linus provides comfort blankets for kids who need them due to illness, trauma, or other reasons. They accept homemade blankets from smoke-free environments, which can be donated in person through a local chapter.


  • Knitted Knockers gives handmade prosthetic breasts to those who have had mastectomies. They are soft, lightweight alternatives to hot, sweaty, uncomfortable prosthetics that often require special tops or bras to wear. You can find local providers to donate the items, and there are patterns on the site.
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  • I have a lot of left over yarn that I would like to donate; any suggestions

  • Your local Senior Center, Assisted Living, School or Library would LOVE to get the yarn.

  • Please consider donating to Stitch Mission, a 501(3)c non-profit organization that collects and distributes handmade blankets and beanies to orphans around the world. Thank you! http://www.stitchmission.org 🙂

  • Good Afternoon, I have loads of weaving yarn on large spools I would love to donate. I was gifted this large quantity of weaving yarn from a friend who passed away last year. Please send me any information where I can bring the boxes…..FREE FREE Please email or contact me at 313 421-1922 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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