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6 Wonderful Knit & Crochet Wedding Projects Made by Customers Like You!

April 23rd, 2012

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On tomorrow’s episode of YarnCraft (our radio-style podcast about the wonderful world of knitting, crocheting, and yarn), we’ll be talking about projects for formals, proms, and weddings. As we enter the warmer months (at least here in the northern hemisphere), it seems like there are more parties, both indoors and out–which is why we’ll be talking about purses, shawls, and even some non-traditional yarncrafting projects that you may want to tackle.

In the meantime, we often hear from customers that they’ve made special projects as gifts or to decorate for their own or their friends’ weddings. Here are just a few fun projects that I spotted in our Customer Gallery (click on the photos to read their full stories):

Paul created this very cool blanket for his youngest step-daughter’s wedding–his own design, with a little help from his wife. He made it using Pound of Love, and you can really tell a lot of love went into this cool playing card-inspired design. Janice B. made an adorable little bunny bride & groom–and bridesmaid too!–based on our Cake Topper pattern. It was for a recently-married friend who loves bunnies!


How to Invisibly Seam Granny Squares

April 19th, 2012

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I love granny squares because they make it so easy to play with exciting colors. Often, my squares end up with different colored borders, so how do I choose a shade to seam them? The answer’s easy: I can use any color because I use an invisible seam! This super easy technique creates a durable seam that disappears into your crocheting. Ready to get started? Gather your granny squares and follow the steps below!

How to Invisibly Seam Granny Squares

Step 1: Gather your materials: finished granny squares, a blunt needle, and your seaming yarn (I used a contrasting yarn for demonstration, but you may want to use matching yarn). Lay your granny squares side to side with the front side facing up.

Step 2: Insert your needle into your first crochet stitch from the back to the front.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 on the opposite side. Continue this process on each stitch, alternating between sides. It’s sort of like lacing shoes.

Step 4: Ready for that seam to disappear? Lightly pull on both ends of your seaming yarn.

Step 5: Repeat with all squares, and that’s all there is to invisible seaming! Remember to weave in your ends and enjoy your new granny square project.

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10 Adorable Knit and Crochet Baby Patterns for Spring

April 18th, 2012

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I’m almost positive that this spring of 2012 is baby season.  I personally know a few people who are currently pregnant and a few who just had babies, so I thought I’d share some patterns to get you thinking about yarn-crafting a special hand-made gift for a special little person you may know (or who’s on the way!).

I’ve included knit and crochet patterns made with yarns that are most suitable for warmer weather, from super soft cottons like Nature’s Choice Organic and Baby’s First— to the brightly colored, and easy care of Vanna’s Choice Baby.

(pattern in image: Soft and Sweet Baby Blocks)


Sunshine Day Baby Throw
(Knit) Sunshine Day
Baby Throw in
Vanna’s Choice Baby &

(Knit) Baby Booties in
Nature’s Choice Organic

(Click here for hat pattern)
Baby Hat with Flower
(Crochet) Baby Hat
with Flower in Vanna’s
Choice Baby

(Crochet) Baby Blocks
Throw in Babysoft


New to Yarncrafting? We’ve Got Some Tips to Help You Along Your Journey

April 12th, 2012

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Secret Stash: Helpful Tips For Yarn LoversI’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m still a beginner yarn crafter, as I just learned how to knit last summer. Since I’m not as experienced as others, I’m always thankful when I find tips or new techniques to improve my knitting experience as a whole.  Lion Brand just released an e-book entitled Secret Stash: Helpful Tips For Yarn Lovers, which is a compilation of tips submitted by users like you, ranging in topics from organization, how to teach others to knit/crochet, easy ways work with multiple yarns at once, and a lot more.  As a little sneak peek, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips with you!

I think this one is my favorite:

 ”I knit up gauge swatches for the yarns in my stash and staple them to index cards on a spiral ring.

I write the yarn name, color name, care instructions, needle size and gauge on each card.  That way, the next time I use that yarn, I don’t have to swatch again. It also works well as a color wheel for choosing shades for a new project”

-Collen M. Palmer


Making a Patchwork Baby Blanket for Liz’s Baby Shower

April 11th, 2012

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One of the best things about working at Lion Brand is the great people that you get to work with. When I first started here, one of the first people I became friends with was Liz, who works on yarn development. When we decided to launch the Lion Brand podcast–YarnCraft–back in 2007, Liz was definitely a go-to person for interesting yarncrafting facts and stories to share. Eventually, she and I began co-hosting the show. We’ve done over 100 episodes, sharing pattern recommendations, techniques, stories, interviews with influential yarncrafters, and in doing so, we’ve also found ourselves with a lot of amazing listeners who share their comments and stories with us, some of whom have been with us for years.

Because of my friendship with Liz, I knew that when the company was recently planning her baby shower (for her first baby!), I wanted to do something special for her. I also knew that it would be wonderful to get not only my coworkers involved, but also our wonderful YarnCraft listeners.


9 Patterns for Quick Easter Yarncrafting

March 28th, 2012

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Flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and spring is in the air! Easter is quickly approaching, and if you’re thinking about a project to knit, crochet or simply yarn craft- hopefully you can find some inspiration here.  Below you’ll find some projects to craft together with the kids, or to make for them.  Surprise someone you know with a cuddly little lamb or bunny; click on the image for the pattern.

Knit Bunny Hat
and Booties
Knit Little Lamb
Knit Little Lamb

Yarn Wrapped Eggs


A Spotlight on Our Customers’ Creations in Honor of National Craft Month

March 21st, 2012

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As Jess mentioned in a post earlier this week, March is National Craft Month; to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to feature some projects that have been submitted to the Customer Gallery section on  We’re so happy that you find inspiration from our patterns and/or yarns;  keep submitting so we can keep sharing!

Red Sockies
Made by: Elayne Schulman
Pattern: Knit Sockies
Tweed Stripes
The Five Little Monkey Finger Puppet Play Set
Made by: Corie Ann Moon
Pattern: Original
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice,
Vanna’s Glamour
Need for Tweed Dog Sweater
Made by: Joan Apple
Pattern: Knit Need for
Tweed Dog Sweater

Yarn: Jiffy Thick n Quick

Made by: Lois Lamphere
Pattern:Knit Center Piece

Yarn: Wool-Ease
Hand Knit Cable and Irish Moss Purple Afghan
Made by: Karen Withbroe
Pattern: Leisure Arts Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice
Hooded Toddler Sweater with Zipper Back
Made by: Carol McIlhenny
Pattern: Original
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Made by: Elaine Liner
Pattern: Knit Cable Ready Bag
Yarn: Wool-Ease Chunky
Granny Green Bag
Made by: Ellen Bloom
Pattern: Original
Yarn: Vanna’s Choice

Two Peas in a PodMade by: Christine Kowalecki
Pattern: Crochet Two Peas
in A Pod

Yarn: Wool-Ease

Thank you to everyone who’s submitted a photo to our Customer Gallery! We hope that you continue to inspire others with your craftiness all year long.

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March is National Crochet Month AND National Craft Month!

March 18th, 2012

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National Craft MonthDid you know that March is both National Crochet Month and National Craft Month? It’s such an exciting month, and there are so many different ways to celebrate. Our favorite way, of course, is to give back to others through teaching. If you’d like to teach a friend, relative, or complete stranger how to crochet or knit, we have many resources to support you. You can find helpful instructions, illustrations, and videos at and

We also have lots of blog posts to support your teaching. Here are some of our favorite posts.

As you’re teaching friends, remember to check out the two great sweepstakes sponsored by our friends at Knitty Daily. Click here to find out how you can win some amazing books and DVDs. I hope you celebrate the rest of the month with tons of crafting, crocheting, and knitting!

5 Hats & Different Ways to Style Them

March 13th, 2012

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Sometimes when I’m shopping and I see a garment or accessory I really want, I think about the different ways to style it, making the item itself very versatile.  For instance, I really like my denim jacket because I can roll up the sleeves different lengths and I can partially pop the collar for a different look. I can then pair it with a skirt or jeans for a more casual look…the choices go on.

The finished pattern images you see on show you one way to style an item, but today, I’ll show you alternate ways to style 5 hats.

Ballpark hat Crochet Ball Park Hat
We definitely like the slouch effect of the hat as modeled for the pattern, but think about playing around with your hat ribbing.  You can fold up the ribbing to let more hair show, and also to create a tighter fit.


9 Patterns to Get You Ready for Spring

March 7th, 2012

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It’s been a pretty mild winter here in NYC, and now that we’re closer to the first day of spring; I think we’re slowly starting to transition our closet wardrobe into some lighter garments or sweaters to keep us comfortable amidst the changes.  Below you’ll find some patterns and inspiration for projects to get you ready for spring.  Just click on the image for the pattern.

Jackets and Cardigans:

These jackets/cardigans are great for looking stylish while you’re out running some errands, picking up the kids from school, or even heading out for a date; they will be a great final touch to your outfit.

Matinee Swing Jacket
Matinee Swing Jacket
Textured Raglan Jacket
Textured Raglan Jacket
Sketchbook Cardigan
Sketchbook Cardigan