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March’s Top 9 Patterns: A Perfect Intro To Spring!

April 7th, 2016

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Toss aside your winter knits — it’s Spring! We certainly got the ball rolling with the release of Shawl in a Ball, an airy acrylic yarn with soft cotton slub. Available in 8 dreamy colors, the first batch of patterns proved that one ball indeed makes a full shawl. There’s so much more this yarn can do — stay tuned!

Shawls aren’t the only warm-weather project; 24/7 Cotton is the cotton for just about everything. From market totes to our CAL winner the Clement Canyon Poncho, this yarn is extremely versatile. New garments and afghan patterns were just released — find a project right for you (like the shabby chic Garden State Afghan) and develop your own color palette with 24 colors to choose from!

Our entire Vanna Collection is featured for the month of April — grab all the yarn you need to make the spectacular Corner-to-Corner Baby Owl Afghan! Deck the nursery with a dash of whimsy in the form of this cuddly owl. You can also grab Vanna’s Palettes to make a handful of the popular Pocket Prayer Shawls — click here to learn how this pattern benefits both the maker and receiver!

See March’s Top 9 Patterns below, and subscribe to the New Patterns Alert newsletter to get a fresh batch of patterns delivered right your inbox!

pocketprayer datab2 mistyhaze
Knit Pocket Prayer Shawls made with Vanna’s Palettes Crochet Openwork Shawl made with Shawl in a Ball Knit Misty Haze Cowl made with Shawl in a Ball
babyowla ebbtide gardenstate
Crochet C2C Baby Owl Afghan made with Vanna’s Choice® Crochet Ebb Tide Shawl made with Shawl in a Ball Crochet Garden State Afghan made with 24/7 Cotton
halfcircleshawl devon clement
Knit Half Circle Shawl made with Shawl in a Ball Crochet Devon Top made with 24/7 Cotton Crochet Clement Canyon Poncho made with 24/7 Cotton

#StitchAwayStress with Lion Brand Yarn & the Craft Yarn Council!

April 5th, 2016

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You know how comforting and relaxing yarn crafting can be — now, share it with others! April is Stress Awareness Month, so we’re using our knit and crochet talents to spread the word and offer relief.

In keeping with the theme “When life gives you lemons…” we’ve teamed up with the Craft Yarn Council for a “Lemon Drop”! Using a pattern designed for the CYC campaign, we’re just a handful of many crafters making lemon stress-relief balls. Members of team Lion Brand will be on hand in New York City on April 18th — Tax Day! — to hand out lemons to New Yorkers in a rush.

Join in on the fun by making your own stress-reliever! Keep one by your desk at work, around the house, or even in your WIP bag for some quick relief. Share your finished lemon on social platforms like Instagram and hashtag #StitchAwayStress.

Get the knit pattern for lemons here.

Get the crochet pattern for lemons here.

Don’t forget — Vanna’s Choice® is one of our featured yarns for April! It’s the perfect yarn to get that vibrant, sunny yellow lemon. Grab a few skeins (we recommend Radiant Yellow and Radiant Lime) and give out your lemons all month long!



Happy Easter from Lion Brand!

March 27th, 2016

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Get the free pattern for the Hippity Hop Blankie here.

How to Be a Superb Student: A Lesson in Two Parts, Part Two

March 10th, 2016

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franklin_400x400Writer, illustrator, and knitter Franklin Habit joins us for his monthly column featuring humor and insights into a yarncrafter’s life.

I left you, last month, on the brink of taking your seat in the classroom. If all has gone well, you are equipped with the correct needles, notions, and yarns. If the teacher has asked for homework, your homework is complete.

Let us begin.

Part Two: In the Classroom

  1. Dress for Comfort. A fiber arts classroom may be anything from a deluxe hotel suite to a livestock barn. I have taught in both. No matter what, I promise you this: the room will be far too hot for half the class and far too cold for the other half.

Dressing in layers is vital. A student in a shirt, sweater, and small shawl or scarf can adjust to a variable microclimate. A student who wears only a bra under her snuggly hand-knitted merino pullover is going to suffer when the radiator starts to glow.

  1. Arrive on Time. On time is slightly early–anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes before class is due to begin. Earlier than 45 minutes isn’t punctual, it’s pushy. The teacher needs time to arrange the classroom (and himself) for what’s to come. If you cannot sit outside (i.e., it’s snowing hard, there’s an angry mob in the street, the yarn shop is entirely surrounded by a moat stocked with alligators) please have mercy–quietly choose a seat and let the teacher prepare.

Do not ever (ever) show up very, very early and attempt to wheedle a free private lesson out of the teacher before class beings. You will not enjoy what happens next.

If you must arrive late, slip in quietly and take the nearest available seat. No explanations necessary.

  1. They’re All Good Seats. If you have a physical condition that requires special accommodation, please let the venue know in advance so they can take the necessary steps.
    If you do not, choose any open chair. You’ll be able to see. You’ll be able to hear. The seats in the back are fifteen feet from the teacher. It’s a crochet class, not a Who concert at Yankee Stadium.
  1. Silence the Phone. Period.
  1. Silence Yourself. Your classmates have paid to learn about cable knitting, not your dinner plans. When the teacher is addressing the class, conversations on your phone or with your table neighbors should–indeed must–be taken out of the room.

If you simply can’t wait another minute to catch up with the bosom friend you haven’t seen since the day fifty years ago when you left her for dead on a blood-soaked battlefield, please consider that perhaps my class on the history of lace knitting is not the ideal place to do it.

Yarncrafting Costumes: Designing a Lollipop Headpiece

February 22nd, 2016

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With her latest yarncrafting adventure, Gali Beeri designs a super sweet headpiece!

My costuming adventures continue! For the costume party theme of Candyland Fantasy, I chose the character Princess Lolly as my inspiration.

I toyed with different ideas for a lollipop crown. In the end I decided to knit a giant spiral lollipop – candy even bigger than my head!

To make the headpiece, first I knitted two lengths of I-cord using Landscapes® in Boardwalk and Vanna’s Choice® in White. Holding the white and rainbow I-cords together, I coiled them around each other and stitched the cords together to create a spiral from the center out. I spent a lovely afternoon at the Tarot Society Gallery & Reading Room in Brooklyn stitching the lollipop during our Costume Craft Clinic with other fellow costume crafters.

After the body of the lollipop was complete, I inserted several lengths of floral wire through the back to help the piece stay flat and upright.

I attached the piece to a lace-look headband, and voila! A lollipop headpiece was all set to sweeten the deal at the next costume party!