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My Go-To Blanket Stitch: The Wavy Chevron

One stitch pattern in particular has become my go-to, my buddy, my best friend and it’s the wavy chevron. It’s classic ripple stitch goodness that works with just about all yarns no matter what the weight or texture. So far I’ve worked this pattern using Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Totally Tubular, Feels Like Butta with Mandala Roving, Feels Like Butta with …

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80 Blankets: Piles of Pineapples

The yarn combination on this one might seem a little surprising. I took a 100% polyester chenille-esq yarn and paired it with an 90/10 acrylic/mohair blend. Weird? Maybe, but it works! The combination is a soft yet substantial fabric. Even though the stitch I’m using is very open I think the resulting blanket will still…

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My Life In Yarn: Rachel Gutshall

Rachel Gutshall from Lincoln, DE, USA on Instagram as @warming.the.heart What is your favorite Lion Brand Yarn? Comfy Cotton Blend How did you come to learn yarn crafts and do you remember who taught you? I came to yarn and crochet seven years ago through my best gal pal and partner-in-craft, Rebekah Bowers. I was…

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