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Embellish It! Making a Tassel

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Tassels can be used to add a little bit of fun flair to projects like afghans and shawls or added as accents to purses or even keychains. They’re simple and quick to make and don’t require large amounts of any special yarn or fancy tools.

Tassels on the corners of shawls like the Standard Triangle in the How-To Knit A Triangle Shawl post give life to an otherwise plain design.

Make a Tassel


Yarn; any weight or color you want! The samples below use Vanna’s Style.
Tapestry or yarn needle
Cardboard cut to desired size, or other similar object. (A deck of cards, coaster, a stack of post-it notes – or even a smart phone – will all get the job done!)

Step One: If you are using cardboard cut it down to the your desired size. The piece in the photos is 4 inches in length.

Making a Tassel Step 1

Step Two: Wrap your yarn around the cardboard. There is no right or wrong number of wraps. Keep going until the tassel is as bulky as you would like. If making multiple tassels for the same project make sure to keep count of the wraps so they are all of similar size.

Making a Tassel Step 2

Step Three: Cut your yarn. Cut an additional length of yarn (it’s better to overestimate, 12″ should be safe) and slide it between the yarn wraps and the cardboard.

Making a Tassel Step 3

Step Four: Tightly tie the yarn at the top to secure. Slide the wraps off the cardboard.

Making a Tassel Step 4

Step Five: Cut another length of yarn (at least 24″ long) and wrap securely near the top end of the tassel below the tie.

Making a Tassel Step 5

Step Six: Secure the yarn by tucking it under the wraps.

Making a Tassel Step 6

Step Seven: Cut the bottom of the tassel open and trim as necessary.

Making a Tassel Step 7

It’s done! Simple and quick. You might find yourself wanting to add tassels to everything now! Happy embellishing!

finished tassel

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  • super dooper.. I’ll be making some.

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