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Join the #HatNotHate Campaign: Donate a Hat

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If you read about our new #HatNotHate campaign to end bullying, then you might be wondering how to get involved. We’ve teamed up with STOMP Out Bullying™, and we want you to join us! October 1st is the World Day of Bullying Prevention, so we’re embarking on a very special project. To participate, you can knit or crochet an extra blue hat, and then mail it straight to us. These hats will be donated to a local school, who are hoping to outfit their entire student body! We need 1,500 hats by September 24th – keep reading to find out more about how to donate a hat.

What is #HatNotHate?

#HatNotHate is a nation-wide campaign to bring awareness to the impact bullying has on children and teens. Our partner in this campaign, STOMP Out Bullying™, has been working since 2005 to provide resources and support to change school culture for all students. This year, we’ll be making blue hats – the color of anti-bullying awareness – and wearing them in October. Blue is the color of awareness for this issue, and also the color of solidarity. In addition, we’re encouraging crafters to make their own hats, and share on social media to spread the message using the hashtag #HatNotHate. Lion Brand will also be joining STOMP Out Bullying™ on their in-school visits, educating communities about how to create a positive school climate.

Here’s How You Can Help: Donate a Hat

In addition to making a hat for yourself, we invite you to make one to share! We’re collecting 1,500 hats on behalf of a local school, who plan to give them to all their students for World Day of Bullying Prevention on October 1st. This is a beautiful gesture of solidarity, so we hope you’ll join us in supporting their effort.

Check out our list of 23 #HatNotHate knit and crochet patterns, which can be found here. You’re welcome to whip up a hat on your own, or you might choose to host a hat-making party! This would be a wonderful way to spread the message, and encourage friends to join in. In addition, if you purchase any of the yarns recommended in these patterns, 2% of the proceeds will go towards STOMP Out Bullying™’s work.

Updated Classic Hat Crochet

Updated Classic Hat (Crochet)

Once you’ve finished your hat, please mail it to us at this address:

  • Lion Brand Yarn Co.
  • 135 Kero Road
  • Carlstadt, NJ 07072

We’ll need to receive your hat by September 24th, to get the hats to the school by October 1st. If we receive more than the requested 1,500, we’ll be able to make additional donations to other lucky schools.

Small Gestures Make a Big Difference

We hope you’ll join us in this special effort to positively impact the lives of students at this school. By making a hat to wear, planning to donate a hat, posting on social media, and talking about it with friends, we’ll create an atmosphere of kindness and understanding that will spread, one person at a time.

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  • Do you sell the buttons with the #hatnothate? Thank you.

  • My mom and I can’t wait to join this movement! We will be making hats and I will mail them in! GO #HATNOTHATE!

  • Wearing any color hat on a particular day is not going to stop bullying. My granddaughter was bullied and her mother went to the School and told the teacher she had to handle it. The parents have to teach their boys and girls how to behave towards each other. I knit and give to Charity, the homeless, and returning Vets.

  • Stop bullying campaign #HatNotHate

    • Thanks for the heads up – we had trouble with this link, but hopefully it’s working again!

  • How can we donate to our local schools? Bullying goes on in every school, so I would like to donate to a school near me.

    • Hi, Bonnie – this is a great idea! Many folks have expressed an interest in starting something similar locally. You could check out STOMP Out Bullying’s website, or simply share this idea with a local school and see if they’d be interested in receiving donations. You could also ask if there’s a teacher who’d want to partner with you, to outfit their class and spread awareness!

  • I’d love to join in.

    • Thanks, Kathy – we’d love to have you!

  • What size hats are needed?

    • Hi, Susan – every size! Since it’s for a whole school, there will be a big variety in sizes needed. Thanks for asking!

  • Can I donate my hats directly to my local school district?

    • Hi, Vilma – that’s a great idea. We’d recommend reaching out to them and sharing the idea of this campaign, so the district can determine how to make it work best in their schools and classroom! Or, you could ask if there’s a teacher who might want to partner with you to raise awareness.

  • I will make as many blue hats as possible between now and the due date. Thank you for organizing such a good project for the kids who need to learn this important lesson on how to treat one another.
    Is there a certain shade of blue which we need to use?
    Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

    • Hi, Cat – thank you for your note. We’re so happy to have you on board!

  • Hi, I would like to participate but would really rather donate the hats to a similar program in my own country, Australia. I would think this is possible as it is World Bullying Day, an international event. Is there any chance of Lion identifying a program here, or is it possible to have my knitting group knit a bunch of hats to donate to a local school?

    • Hi, Kellie – that sounds like a fabulous idea. Maybe your group could reach out to a local school, and see if they’d want to partner with you to spread awareness! You could also ask if there’s a specific teacher who might want to liaise with your group, to have a contact within the school.

  • I just saw this and will try to make as many as I can to send prior to deadline. This awesome. Thank u Olimpia

  • I started crocheting hats to give to kids in need. I never did it for profit. This is a great cause and I’m excited to be a part of it.

    • Thank you – we’re happy to have you!

  • I will be sending Blue hat and mittens

  • I love finding causes like this to crochet for. I love this hobby, only if I can give to others through it.
    I will start in the morning!

    • Wow, thank you, Miranda! So wonderful to use crafting for a generous cause!

  • I saw these patterns the other day and saved one for my 6 yr old son. Now I’m definitely making 2 more, 1 to send and 1 for him to share with someone he thinks needs a friend.

    • Gina, that’s a beautiful idea. What a great way to encourage your son to think about school climate!

  • I’m donating one for every person in my family, I hate to see complaining, I think it is great that someone is doing something to recognize that there is an issue. Keep up the good work!!! Love a prayers!!!!

    • Thank you, Paula – and thank you for including your family!

  • Could we send in hats that are 90% blue? The yarn I was thinking of using has blue but some pinks in it too.

    • Hi, Francisca – I think that would probably be fine. 🙂

  • I was a victim of bullying as a child and would love to participate, however I would like to donate to my old school here in Canada. Is that possible?

    • Hi, Lorna – that’s a beautiful idea. You might want to reach out to them and share this campaign, and see if they want to work with you (and maybe even other crafters) to spread awareness.

  • I have a lot of left over blue yarn that is not LB.Is it OK to use that as well?

    • Hi, Debbee – of course! Bust your stash!

  • How about a place on this forum where we can post our hat pics? /Users/pamelathiele1/Desktop/IMG_2917.JPG

  • I placed a order on yarn and knitting needles and have been charged
    o American Express but have not recieved a tracking number or any
    Information about my order.
    Please look into this thank you.

  • Here is a link to the HatNotHate patterns:

  • I will be participating and currently working on a hat to send. Let us stomp out bullying together! HATNOTHATE!!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! Looking forward to your hat!

  • evan yarn company getting political come on……….blue, liberal, democrat why not white, or lavender or green………….. sorry no more lyons yarn for me.

    • Hi, Linda – while this campaign is not intended to be political, we respect your feelings and wish you the best.

  • Are you connecting with your Canadian customers to continue the love?

    • Hi, Mindy – I’m not sure how this campaign will work for our Canadian crafters, but let me ask!

  • I would like to make hats for this cause I think it’s a great way to bring more awareness to bullying problem

    • Hi, Sylvia – sounds great! We’re happy to have you on board.

  • This sounds political. Why just blue hats?

    • Hi, Carin – this campaign is not intended to be political, as you can see because there is no political language included, but an effort to raise awareness about bullying, which affects many different kids. We did not select the color, though blue is a color that is common, and almost everybody owns something blue or would feel comfortable wearing it.

  • Do you have the information about #hatsnothate in letter form? I would like to take it to my grandkids’ school, in hopes that they will be able to wear the blue hats I have made at school on Oct. 1st.

    • Hi, Jan – we don’t, but you’re welcome to print out this webpage! You could also visit the STOMP Out Bullying website (linked in the blog) and I believe they have materials you could share with their school, too.

  • The hat will go out with tomorrow’s mail.

  • This is a fantastic cause as my daughter has been bullied in High School, especially her Junior year. She is now going into her Senior Year and I am praying that the bullying will stop as they are no longer in any of her classes. Do you make these hats all year? You can count of me! STOP BULLYING

    • Hi, Diane – so sorry to hear about your daughter! This particular campaign is just geared toward Anti-Bullying Month (October), but hopefully the kids who receive these hats will be able to wear them all year long as a reminder of the ideas behind them.

  • What a great idea. I have lots of blue yarn leftover from other projects and have made several hats to send. I still have a few to make then will get that package sent off. Besides the message being sent about bullying the hats will keep all those school kids warm and cozy this winter.

    • That sounds great, DM – thank you for participating!

  • Put 4 hats in mail today. Was not sure on sizing. Do you plan to keep crafters updated on total received? It would be fun to watch the numbers grow!

    • Hi, Karen – wow, thank you! Can’t wait to receive them. We’ve had some other questions about sizing, but many sizes will be needed, so it’ll all work out. And yes – we’ll definitely share the final numbers once the deadline arrives – we can’t wait to see how it turns out, with so many wonderful crafters involved!

  • Wonderful campaign! Finished 1st hat working on 2nd! Hope to complete a small, medium & large to send your way : )

    • Thank you, Nicki, for covering all the bases. 🙂

  • I would love to get the local schools involved here in Jacksonville Fl, do you have any advice for reaching out to school boards, or is it better to just work with the school my son is currently enrolled in? I will be sending a box of hats (as many as I can make) to you guys as well. 🙂

    • Hi, Rose – Thank you for participating, and for wanting to do more locally! Maybe you could reach out to the school board and your son’s school? They’ll likely have more information about how to introduce a program like this in the most effective way. You could also see if there’s a teacher who’d want to partner with you on the school side to help organize!

  • I took my package of two hats to mail at the post office today and was told they didn’t show the street in their system. Is 135 Kero Road, Carlstadt NJ correct for the mailing address?

  • I mailed my Blue Seuss Slouchy Hat that I designed specifically for this cause! The hat was called “whimsical!’ Me and my family were sitting together joking around about the hat and we all came up with the same name at the same time! Priceless…………….

  • I feel so frustrated. I mailed my blue hats last week and they should have arrived on Saturday, but the tracking page from the post office says that they could not get to the site on Saturday and they would try on the next business day. I have been checking the tracking and they have not redelivered today or yesterday. I just want you to be able to use the hats for this great program. They are in the post office in Carlstadt, NJ.

  • Phew! I see that the hats have been delivered. I hope they are not too late!

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