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My Life In Yarn: Brenda Byrum

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Brenda Byrum from Northeast Dallas, TX

@knittingpsalms on Raverly and Instagram)

What Is Your Favorite Lion Brand Yarn?

My favorite Lion Brand yarn is Jeans.  Lion Brand creators nailed it with this yarn.  The colors are spot on. I knit the Narvon Wrap by Heather Zoppetti using every color – Faded, Brand New, Stonewashed, Classic, Vintage and Stovepipe. Oh, and a couple single round color changes with Top Stitch completed the look of the double stitch jeans seams. You know that feeling when your relaxing in your favorite Levi’s? Soft, warm, comfortable, familiar.  Everything I’ve knit with LBY’s Jeans yarn just wraps around me like my favorite pair of soft, worn jeans. Perfect.

What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)?

I was a kid.  I liked crafting.  I liked sewing and cross stitch and embroidery and macrame.  When my Jr. High School teacher started a knitting club, it just sounded right.  

Do you remember who taught you how to knit/crochet?  Tell us a bit about how you learned.

I do remember. One of those memories I know will always be vivid and clear.  1972-73, I was 12 years old and in Jr. High School where my 7th grade geography teacher, Mrs. Madeleine Edison, offered an after-school knitting club.  I joined! At our first meeting we walked to a local Five and Dime and purchased knitting needles, yarn and a tiny little “learn-to-knit” booklet (American Thread Company, BEGIN TO KNIT ALL THE BASIC STITCHES, Star Book No. 201).  The cover of the booklet says it cost $0.29.  Sitting cross legged on the classroom floor, each week we learned a different pattern from the booklet.   We worked out and knit each pattern into 8 x 10″ blocks. In the end we pieced the samples together into an amazing afghan.  I still have the booklet.  I still have the afghan. I still cherish the memory.

What is your favorite thing to make?

Wow.  Favorite?  I like having yarn in my lap and needles in my hands.  That’s my favorite thing.

I’m going to go with: my favorite thing to knit is a gift.  A baby blanket for a new mom or grandma, beanies, chemo caps, socks, headbands, sweaters, prayer shawls, chemo blankets, pillows, Amigurumi animals.  I always have someone in mind when I start a project and my knitting experience is extra special when the finished project is going to be gifted.

Do you have a favorite stitch/pattern?

Cables right now.  I especially like them in a beanie or pair of socks.

What’s the first project you finished?

A sampler afghan in my after-school knitting club in Jr. High School.

Why are you a fan of Lion Brand products?

Lion Brand Yarn (LBY) never disappoints. With LBY I never settle on thinking “Oh, they can’t beat that”.  I’m always excited to try the new release.  Vanna’s Glamour?  Loved it!  Then, BAM! Mandala. My list is pretty extensive but here are some highlights:

Vanna’s Glamour yarn made a dozen middle schoolers very happy with their new twisted headbands.

Two strands of Homespun knit at the same time with a size 13 needle knit into many soft and squishy prayer shawls and chemo blankets.

Mandala colorway 103-Phoenix knit up the most amazing little sweater for my granddaughter.  The sassy color changes really reflect her redhead personality.

Shawl in a Ball?  My goodness, one ball projects made so many quick and beautiful gifts.

Jeans!  Y’all nailed it!  Soft, warm, comfortable, familiar.  The colors, how nice it is to work with on my needles, the finished project – perfect.  Got my heart.  Yep, I’m a big fan.

Any other notable stories/experiences with yarn you’d like to share!

I am a Certified Knitting Instructor with Craft Yarn Council.  I’ve taught knitting at Michaels craft stores, our church knitting group, to Girl Scouts, to middle schoolers in a before-school program (Each one, teach one-time.  Great to have an opportunity to pay it forward), and at knitting groups at local libraries.

I like to pick up testing projects for new knit patterns on Raverly.

I have a handful of ribbons from State and County Fairs for my knitting.

I knit for Christian ministry, for charity, for gifting, for family, for new babies and for me. 

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  • You are so talented, Mom! Love all your work!

  • I love the picture of the Little girl’s cape, and would love the pattern.

    I taught myself how to crochet back in 1977. I begged my sister to teach, but she wouldn’t. Now I am teaching myself how to knit and quilt.

    I work on a lot of different crafts.

    Thank you for sharing.


  • The little girls circle cardigan is awesome would so love the pattern for this.

  • I also love the blue cape. Is there a pattern available that you can share? Please?

  • Read the article… the pattern is listed in the second sentsnce.

  • Your story was so interesting. I found the book which taught you knitting on Amazon Kindle.fir $3.99. Am thinking of getting it. I also have a very old book on knitting.” The Harmony Book of Needlecraft”. It was a godsend. I saw it one Saturday in a book store. Went to my dad who gave me the money to purchase it and it opened up my interest in knitting and crafting. I think it cost about $5.00 Barbados dollars at the time. I think your shawl is gorgeous. Wish i could knot like that!

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