What is STOMP Out Bullying?

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What is STOMP Out Bullying?

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If you’ve been staying up to date with our #HatNotHate campaign, then you’ve heard about STOMP Out Bullying. Lion Brand has teamed up with this important organization for our anti-bullying campaign, so we thought we’d introduce them to you. Whether you’ve known about their work for years, or are just learning about them now, they’re doing vital work. Get to know their mission and what we’re up to together for Anti-Bullying Month this October.

HatNotHate Campaign

What is STOMP Out Bullying?

STOMP Out Bullying is the leading national anti-bullying and cyberbullying nonprofit in the U.S. Their work impacts kids and teens, who are facing more bullying now than ever, with the rise of cyberbullying. These negative behaviors show up as early as elementary school, so STOMP Out Bullying works with all ages. They not only increase awareness about bullying and its impact on kids and families, but also provide resources to school and families. These tools help communities learn to respond to bully behaviors quickly and consistently, to help change school culture. Because cyberbullying happens outside the school community, STOMP Out Bullying has increased their focus on digital abuse as well, to make sure kids have resources even after the last class bell has rung. In addition, it educates against homophobia, LGBTQ discrimination, racism, and hatred.

Below is a video from their celebrity anti-bullying campaign, featuring star Logan Browning.

What We’re Doing Together & How You Can Help

One important part of STOMP Out Bullying’s work is visiting schools to talk about school environment. Both what a positive school environment looks like, and how to contribute to one. This year, Lion Brand will be joining these in-school workshops to talk about standing up to bully behavior. Additionally, we’re pioneering our #HatNotHate campaign.


Join us in crafting a better future and raising awareness about the negative effects of bullying by knitting or crocheting a blue hat this fall. World Day of Bullying Prevention is October 1st, 2018, and all of October is Anti-Bullying Month. Create a hat for yourself, or a few to share, and wear your hat in solidarity. Let’s increase awareness and rally together to eradicate bullying, one blue hat at a time. Click here to read more about #HatNotHate and how to participate.

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