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Crochet an Adorable Corner To Corner (C2C) Owl Baby Blanket! With Step-by-Step Images to Get Started

November 18th, 2015

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Are you familiar with the corner to corner crochet method? Corner to corner (C2C) crochet is a fun technique which involves working with a graph and crocheting your complete piece along a diagonal. In working the afghan, you start at one corner of your pixel square graph (typically the bottom right hand corner) and follow the graph row by row, building your stitches. You end up completing your afghan at the opposite corner (typically the top left hand corner).

These C2C blankets have become quite popular because of how quickly and easily they work up. They’re also appealing because you can easily customize the look of your project by creating a picture graph to work off of. Today, we’re excited to share with you Lion Brand®’s first crochet Corner to Corner blanket made by Sarah Zimmerman, from the popular blog, Repeat Crafter Me.

We worked with Sarah to bring you this exclusive Baby Owl pattern on, so we hope you enjoy it!

Please »click here« for the COMPLETE pattern with materials needed.

Use code: BabyOwlAfghan for 20% off all of the Vanna’s Choice® yarn needed to make this project.
*Good through 11/22; One coupon per person; cannot be combined with other coupons; does not apply to items already on clearance or yarn other than Vanna’s Choice®. Minimum purchase quantity is 12 balls – enough to make the afghan!

C2C Owl Afghan Graph


Treat Yourself To Some LB Collection! 6 Designs from Bloggers and Ravelry for Inspiration

November 12th, 2015

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LBCPOSTThis November, some of my favorite Lion Brand® yarns are on sale, and I hope you take advantage of this offer to treat yourself to some soft and luxurious fibers from the LB Collection®. I personally love the Baby Alpaca for its comforting warmth, affordable price, and yardage — all you need is one skein for a hat or cowl (see how I made a cowl combining one skein of Baby Alpaca and Vanna’s Glamour here). Of course, I’m simply enamored with the Cashmere because it works up so beautifully; I really like the slight halo on the finished fabric. Then, I can’t forget about Superwash Merino for its stitch definition, color palette, and ability to make cables pop. Too many choices, too little time!

There’s so much to appreciate about the LB Collection® in its entirety, so I hope you take a moment to review each yarn and see which one will suit your project needs (or maybe just your personal needs!). Today I’m sharing some projects from bloggers and designers to pique your interest in this lovely set of yarns.

MooglyReversibleCowl MooglyFallingLeaves MooglyLuckyShawl
Crochet Snowdrops Reversible Cowl by Moogly; 2 balls of Superwash Merino Crochet Fallen Leaves Slouch Hat by Moogly; one ball of Baby Alpaca Crochet Lucky Day Cowl by Moogly; 4 balls of Cashmere
PetalsToPicotsSilk AutopilotAngora GinaMicheleBabySet
Knit Silk Scarf by Petals to Picots; one ball of Silk Angora Autopilot by Ravelry user chamade; one ball of Angora Merino Bringing Home Baby Gift Set Hat & Booties; one ball of Baby Alpaca (and Modern Baby in Chartreuse)


How Knitting Helped Us: 3 Stories of Motherhood

November 2nd, 2015

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abbiFor our latest publication, Project Knitwell Presents: The Comfort of Knitting, we partnered with Project Knitwell, an organization dedicated to bringing comfort and therapy to people facing stressful situations through the joy of knitting. Here, three new moms share how knitting helped them in their first days of motherhood.

Abbi – When my daughter was in the NICU for six months, I felt completely helpless in caring for her and protecting her, especially for the first month when I could not even hold her.  All I could do was watch the doctors and nurses take care of my child and try to understand her condition.  I decided to join the knitting group for NICU moms, where I learned how to knit and had the chance to talk to other moms who were going through the same difficult process.  Even if I could not heal my daughter’s medical problems, I felt I could actually do something for her to show her my love.  I started with a hat, and then spent my free time at home working on a sweater while I was waiting for news from the NICU.  By the time she was released, the sweater fit her perfectly.  I also developed a support network with other preemie parents who helped me through the entire experience up to today. Abbi’s daughter is now a healthy 5 year old.


keshaKesha – After five long months of healing and growing my son at Georgetown University Hospital’s NICU, we brought home three gifts for which I will be forever grateful:  my tenacious and truly amazing micro-preemie, Elliott Scott; a tremendous respect and appreciation for the NICU team of nurses, neonatologist, therapist, social workers, and family-life specialist that creatively coordinate care to solve huge problems in such tiny lives; and, most unexpectedly, a love of knitting.

I am not a “craftsy” person.  In fact, I am a typical, type-A, D.C. lawyer attempting to balance my career expanding family and other personal and professional obligations.  I recall stating with complete certainty during my first knitting lesson with Project Knitwell founder, Carol Caparosa that, “it was highly unlikely that I would be able to learn to knit because I didn’t have a creative bone in my body.”  What I didn’t understand then, but fully appreciate now, is that knitting has an uncanny way of calming one’s soul – slowly bringing you back to the present with each row and gently allowing you to release the worry, tension, and stress accumulated in ever fiber of your being.

Project Knitwell was my lifeline during the hardest period of my life. As a mother, it was initially debilitating to sit for hours at a time next to Elliott’s isolette…  I was consumed with fear, worry and guilt until knitting provided a much needed release.  I simply held my son in his infant carrier and knitted.  I slowly released the fear, my worries were replaced with hope, and the guilt diminished.  And Elliott healed.  Fourteen months later, Elliott is thriving and I’m still knitting.  My current project, autumn hats for other micro-preemies and hopefully passing on the wonderful gift of knitting to other loved ones facing uncertain times.  I’m not sure why knitting helps, but it just does.


jamieJamie – I had knit for about 10 years.  When my twin girls were born a couple of years ago, I began knitting while I pumped.  It kept me calm and helped me to feel like I was doing something for me while so much of my time was for them.


Knitting to Heal: Carol's Project Knitwell Story
Project Knitwell Presents: The Comfort of Knitting, is a unique book that focuses on  how to alleviate stress and offer comfort to families and caregivers facing difficult situations. More on Project Knitwell’s mission, as well as 7 new patterns are included in this publication. All proceeds from Lion Brand’s sale of this book go directly to Project Knitwell and the Alzheimer’s Association.


Autumn Means Colorwork Inspiration! Moogly Shares 4 Color Palettes Based on Regional Foliage

October 28th, 2015

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Today’s guest post is brought to us by Tamara Kelly, author and designer of Moogly Blog. Today, Tamara’s sharing some inspirations for fall color palettes based on the various regions of the country. She has brought this information to us with the help of her crocheting friends who live in different parts of the country: Jessie Rayot, Kim Guzman, and Andee Graves.

Autumn has to be the very best season for crocheters and knitters! Getting comfy on the couch with hooks and yarn, snuggled under a handmade blanket, yummy drink by your side – what could be better? But Fall also provides inspiration in the beautiful colors that show up every time we leave the house. Here in Iowa, the leaves are turning – and falling – at an incredible rate!

And… there’s just something about the beautiful colors, the quality of the light, and the scent in the air — it’s all a little different in various parts of the country. With that thought, I asked three of my best blogging friends from all over the USA to send me their favorite fall photos, and I matched them up with some of my favorite Lion Brand yarns for a little extra autumn fun!

First up is my friend Jessie Rayot, knit and crochet designer at Jessie at Home. Jessie lives in the Northeast, and she sent me a gorgeous photo – You can practically hear the crunch of the leaves! You can bring these colors home with Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, for extra cozy!

The lovely Kim Guzman, designer at is a hobby nature photographer, so I had to ask her as well. She lives in the Southwest, so her autumn has some colors we don’t see too often here in the Midwest! Wool-Ease® pairs perfectly with her pretty pumpkin scene, and the yarn is light enough for winter use even down south!

Way out west, like in Colorado, they’ll be gearing up for the busy ski season, but first — they enjoy some gorgeous fall foliage. The amazing Andee Graves, designer at Two Hands Healing and Creative Arts, sent me this photo from her home in the Rocky Mountains, and I found some complimentary colors in Vanna’s Choice® – great for a mama of active boys living on a mountain, like Andee!

And last but not least, is my home in the Midwest US, Moogly headquarters! The trees here look much like the trees in the Northeast and in the Mountains… but there is this breathtaking bush out in front of my house that I look forward to seeing every autumn! Over the next month it will start looking as if it’s on fire! Right now it’s just begun.. and matches perfectly with LB Collection Superwash Merino!

I hope these gorgeous photos have gotten you in the Autumn crochet and knitting mood! Taking cues from nature is always a great way to get inspired, and Lion Brand has the right yarns to translate what you see into works of yarny art! If you’d like to learn how to make your own collages like those seen above, check out the tutorial on Stitch11! Thank you to Jessie, Kim, and Andee for sharing your lovely photos!

8 Knit and Crochet Patterns from Bloggers that You’ll Love!

October 27th, 2015

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The weather is chilly, the leaves are changing, and many of you are casting on to get started with some fall weather patterns! I’m excited to share a range of patterns with you from bloggers you may already be familiar with, so please check out the knit and crochet patterns below — and think about projects for friends, family, and maybe even yourself.


GingerDress12 IKnitsKNITTop MooglyScarf GinaMicheleHat1
Crochet Gingerbread Dress by Repeat Crafter Me
(Vanna’s Choice®)
Knit Lace Top by iKNITS
(Pound of Love®)


Crochet Stripes and Blocks Scarf by Moogly
Knit Gold Leaf Hat by Gina Michele
(Gold Leaf®)
JessieAtHomeScarfie CabledCowl Macchiato Slouch Crochet Hat | Free Slouchy Hat Crochet Pattern by Little Monkeys Crochet MamaInAStitchCowl
Crochet Hooded Cowl by
Jessie At Home
Faux Cable Cowl by Margo Knits (Heartland®) Macchiato Slouch Hat by
Little Monkey’s Crochet
Black and White Color Block Beginner Infinity Scarf by Mama in A Stitch
(Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®)