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Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 5: That’s a Wrap!

March 16th, 2016

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CALOur Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along has wrapped! Though host Kristy Glass may be all done, you can get started on yours today! Choose from 4 exclusive color kits: Click here to see all choices.

Making this poncho has been such a fun journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed interacting with all of my fellow crocheters here and on our Ravelry thread.  One of my favorite parts is seeing the progress on all of your gorgeous ponchos. The 24/7 Cotton leaves the imagination to come up with so many amazing possibilities.  Here are a few of my favorite WIP pictures:


Now that the weather is finally showing signs of spring, I have loved coming up with outfits to pair with my clement canyon poncho.  Here I present my 5 favorite looks to pair with the poncho:


70’s Flare Jeans:


I love the shape of the boot leg jeans.  I love how it mimics the shape of the poncho.  I feel like the form fitting bottom compliments the airiness of the poncho.  I also love the collar popping out the top of the v-neck.  This is a great “going out” look this spring.




I found the perfect pair of bermudas to pair with my Pantone color scheme poncho.  I love the pop of color and the flattering fit of the bermudas that match the pink stripes in my poncho! I popped a collar out of the top of this poncho too. Chambray is the perfect fabric to pair with the poncho—it’s one of my favorite spring neutrals.




You will find culottes all over the place this year. This is my new favorite pant for the spring.  I love how the vertical stripes of the culottes flow with the vertical stripes of the poncho.  The day I took this photo I needed the poncho for a little added warmth with the cool breeze.  I dressed up the look with a pair of Vivenne Westwood heels.





I am a busy Mom and I love a knit play dress for the spring.  I pair it with converse and my summer staple: sunglasses AS a headband! Ha! I think I love the contrast of the horizontal stripes and vertical stripes of the poncho a little bit more than the culottes look, but really, it’s a toss up!





I know it’s only spring, but face it, we are all looking forward to the BEACH! Every once in a while, when I am at the beach, I want a break from the sun, so throwing this poncho on will do the trick!  The great thing about the cotton is it can also give you a little layer of warmth if there is a breeze at the beach!

Please share your photos on Ravelry and Twitter. I want to see how you style your Clement Canyon Poncho. THANK YOU so much for joining in our Crochet Along. Thank you for having me! Never stop Crocheting!

:: Can’t see the video above? Click here to watch – ::

Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 4: Blocking, Seaming, Finishing!

March 9th, 2016

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CALIt’s week four (4) of our Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along! It’s not too late to join in get your CAL kit now! Choose from 4 color palettes curated by CAL host Kristy Glass! Click here to see all choices.


It’s time to finish the poncho!

I made both sides of my poncho in tandem.  Doing this helped me to keep my tension with both sides, VERY consistent.  If you did not do this and you have found that your two sides do not match completely, it may be necessary to block it before you sew it together.

Once you are ready to join the two sides together, I suggest laying it out on a flat surface. Using a measuring tape, find the 18” and 15” marks (as indicated in the pattern).  As a back up way of measuring, I also counted stitches up from the bottom-and made sure I counted the same on both sides up to the correct number on the measuring tape. I safety pinned the two sides together in the approximate spot I wanted to end the seam, (15” and 18”), and then I tried it on!

It is worth it to take this quick and easy step before seaming it up, so that you are certain you like where it’s going to lay.

Take a selfie! Don’t forget the back view too!

Once you have seamed it up, I suggest repeating this step so that you are certain you love where you chose to sew it up!  You will notice the 15” side is the front, to make more of a v neck in the front than the back.

Next it’s time to seam the sides!

I have double stitch markers (see photo) on the front so that while I am seaming, I keep track of which side is which.

I used the safety pin method here too.  Pinning it makes it easier to sew it together because the poncho is heavy and you are only sewing an inch together so it can be hard to hold it together.

Once you are all done, try it on and assess whether or not you need to do any further blocking. I love how mine turned out without blocking, so I started wearing it right away!

Share your finished product pix on our Ravelry thread or tweet me @kristyglass! Don’t forget our hashtag: #lbcal2016

Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 3: It’s All in the Details

March 2nd, 2016

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CALIt’s week three (3) of our Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along! Don’t have your color kit yet? Shop now! Choose from 4 color palettes curated by CAL host Kristy Glass! Click here to see all choices.

As you get further into this project, I want to impart some wisdom that I have learned along the way.

If you are still undecided on which colors to purchase for your poncho, here are a few color combinations of 24/7 Cotton that didn’t make the cut for our kit offerings:

First of all, depending on what colors you acquired for this project, I wanted to suggest that you follow a rule I learned in quilting: alternate light and dark colors.  This helps the colors stand out and not get all muddled together.  A great example of this is seen in our ORIGINAL poncho:


Next I want to talk about the pattern itself.  A few times in the pattern there is reference made to the RIGHT SIDE of the project. This is especially important to take note of when you are counting ch-7 spaces or various parts of the pattern to ensure you are on the right track.  I suggest placing a marker so that you always know when you are on the Right Side.

I was very grateful for the self checkpoints along the way.  After the set up row for the first lace section, I was supposed to have 27, ch-7 spaces and I had 31! Yikes! I was able to go back and see where I had gotten off on my counting.  Always take the time to check your work so that you don’t have to rip out row after row of mistake!


Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 2: Handy Tips for Keeping Count!

February 24th, 2016

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Let’s start at the beginning. If you are like me, you read the first instruction: “Chain 196” and decided maybe this was a horrible idea. Never fear, I have a few ideas to help with this initial stumbling block.

For those of you with Apple smart phones, there is a wonderful free fiber artists’ helper app called iStitchCounters. (Please share below if you have an alternative app for phones other than Apple!) I love this app because you open a project, open a new counter and start swiping. As I chained to 196, every time I finished 10 chains, I swiped right 10 times. You can choose any increment that suits you, I found that I could get through about 10 chains before one of my 4 family members interrupted me or my Netflix distracted me. Of course you can use any digital or manual counter you have, but I will explain why I went with this app this time around. Read on!

Once I had swiped right (swiping right increases the number) all the way up to 196, I then swiped left to decrease. As I single crocheted 195 times for my first row, after each 10, I swiped left 10 times and repeated until my number was 1. This totally worked! I had the exact right amount number of chains AND single crochets! I confess, usually when I finish a very long beginning chain/row combination I am short and I cheat by doing 2 single crochets in a chain towards the end until I have the correct number! Using this technique felt like a miracle because I ALWAYS have to start over my projects multiple times before I do it correctly!

If this feels like too much technology and swiping and interruption, I have another technique! I learned this from my aunt who is a fiber MASTER. As you chain to 196, do the best you can counting as you go, and then when you get to the end, instead of going back and counting each chain to 196, just add as many chains as you like for a little padding. Add 10 if you want! Add 20! It doesn’t matter. As you finish your 195th single crochet on your first row, you will see a little tail of extra chains. These are easily unlooped back to your starting chain. Just make sure that your initial slip knot isn’t too tight to unpick. Once you have unpicked the extra stitches to the point 195th single crochet in your first row, tighten up that tail and weave it in later.

Finally, there is my personal tried and true technique—just cheat and add a few more single crochets in the last remaining loop—it’s a poncho! No one will know!

Since we are crocheters here, I’m not sure if you have heard of “2nd sock syndrome!”, but I want to talk about that next.  I confess, I have yet to KNIT socks but of course I have crocheted a pair—so maybe you ARE familiar with this syndrome. You finish one beautiful side of a 2-identical-sides project and completely lose steam and never finish the 2nd side!  I fear this may happen to me with this poncho, so I have decided to work on both sides together the entire time.  I am going to finish my initial chain and color A section, and then put it down and start on the 2nd rectangle, repeating what I just finished.

I am doing this for a few reasons:

  1. Tension! I want my tension to be consistent with both sides, and I believe especially STARTING somewhat simultaneously will help the two sides be more consistent.
  2. I don’t want to have to relearn the pattern and process all over again when I get to the second rectangle. I think if I go back and forth from side to side, my brain will hurt less and my enjoyment will be increased.

The poncho I am making is using the yarn from “The Pantone” kit. We called it this because it is inspired by Pantone 2016’s colors of the year: Rose Quartz and Serenity.

I chose this because the colors bring me joy, I feel they compliment my complexion, and I love having a few on-trend pieces in my wardrobe.

How do you get through the millions-of-chains beginning of a project? What colors are you using for your poncho? Why did you choose them?  Let me know below in the comments or in our Ravelry group forum!

Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along Week 1: Grab Your Kit + Gauge Swatching!

February 17th, 2016

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Welcome to the Clement Canyon Poncho Crochet-Along.  I am thrilled to be crocheting again. It has such a satisfying rhythm to it, and it’s so forgiving!

If you are a new crocheter, this project will help you learn new skills to help develop your new-found talent.  If you are an experienced crocheter, you will be happy to see this fresh take on the crocheted poncho.

I love this pattern for 3 essential reasons:

  1. It veers away from the more traditional granny-square poncho technique of crocheting.
  1. It’s made with cotton! Making it the perfect project to make and wear as we head to spring weather!
  1. The color palettes are versatile and outstanding. It took me forever, playing with each of the many color options of 24/7 Cotton, to decide on only 4 kits. I know you will find even more clever combinations.

If you decide to go with one of the kits we have put together, I have labeled each color with a corresponding letter.  The choice is ultimately up to you, but typically I chose the lightest and darkest colors as the single skein option and the 3 other colors as the double skein option.  There is room for playing within the two categories, but I will share here what I would do if I chose that kit.

THE ORIGINAL: A) Jade B) Mint C) Café au Lait D) Silver E) Navy

THE PANTONE: A) Rose B) Denim C) Sky D) Silver E) Charcoal (I’m crocheting this one!)

THE NEUTRAL: A) Café au Lait B) Camel C) Ecru D) Taupe E) Black

THE KRISTY: A) Denim B) Jade C) Ecru D) Camel E) Magenta

This poncho is crocheted as 2 identical rectangles, but there is also room to play here if you make 2 different rectangles. Between the many options available in 24/7 Cotton and your vivid imagination, the sky really is the limit for how this poncho will turn out!  I can’t wait to see all the progress photos in our Ravelry group!

I want to recommend my very favorite crochet hooks of all time here.  The Clover Soft Touch is my very favorite hook.  I usually do handwork for long stretches of time, and this hook allows for the most comfort and coordination while I bingewatch Netflix. Forget Netflix and Chill, I’m all about Netflix and Crochet!

You will most likely need one in a size G for this project.  I usually highly recommend gauge swatching before starting any garment, but this is a poncho, so it could be more forgiving if it is slightly bigger or slightly smaller in the end. I chose to gauge (of course!)

Working with this cotton is so dreamy.  It’s got a beautiful sheen to it, the color is so rich, and it feels great in my fingers even after a long stretch working on it.  I look forward to seeing your progress as we begin this journey together!  Now hurry and get your cotton!